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  1. Hi I got the following response today. Hi Jason, I hope you are well. Many thanks for your response. Regarding the communication, as we are an online company, all communication will have to be kept online via emails unless notices are legally required to be sent via mail. As you have accepted option c, we will proceed with adding the default on your credit file, but will cease with the CCJ as long as the payments are kept up. If at any point payments are missed, we will r
  2. Thank you very much, I've sent that off to them. Hopefully they will accept the offer rather than just refusing it outright.
  3. Yes it should be in the UK forum. Are you able to move this to the corect forum?
  4. The creditor is Steadypay (Steadypay.co) they offer a revolving credit line which they analyse your monthly pay over 6 months and if you then get paid less provide a topup to cover any shortfall which is repaid over a number of months. The oustanding balance is £499 which i've not been able to pay since September due to a reduction in income, The original amount was around £700 so I've repaid around £200 so far. I've advised the company I was in a position to repay £20 a month for the time being (detailed in the original post) which they declined and wanted £100 as mo
  5. Hi I've received a threat of a CCJ if i didn't reply by the 12th January to their demands. I'm looking for advice on my next options I've included all correspondence so far. I initially received the following email: I replied and advised I wasn't in a position to repay at the moment and offered a repayment of £20 per month which they flatly refused with the following reply: I then wrote a lenghtly formal complaint to the company: Today I received a response to my complaint which was as follows : Summary of your
  6. Hi There Around a year ago i was arrested at Paddington Station for an argument with another member of the public, I was taken to the police station by the BTP (British Transport Police) who said they would be investigating and was released on bail. The police did not take photos or fingerpints at the time as "the room was too busy" and they said they would do them next time that i was in. They cautioned me for affray and was was released and that was the end of the matter. They have never taken any fingerprints or photos, i was wondering if i was able to have this removed
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