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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. UPDATE: Thanks, CAGforMe, for your advice. Happy ending is that I have a cheque for the amount "lost" (that's what I asked for), a new account, and some compensation money too - enough for a couple of good meals out on holiday. Apparently someone at Barclays keyed in the wrong account number and it wasn't fraudulent. Not sure of the details, they don't really matter now, but to give the Bank credit they did pull out all the stops and the whole sorry episode only lasted just under 24 hours. Very scary experience, and not one I'd like to repeat, but generally happy with the way Barclays ha
  3. Thanks again, CAGisforME. In sunny Crete next week I will raise a glass to you and the CAG - paid for by myself, hopefully - if not SWMBO will pay! Watch this space, developments will be posted tomorrow.
  4. Thank you very much for the advice, CAGisforME. Excellent! (The local press thing was rather tongue in cheek and I didn't really mean it). I didn't say that Barclays "stole" my money - I said that they "took" it - and it appears that they have. As I didn't close the account, either on the telephone or face to face, it would seem that someone in Barclays did. If they had just taken the money it would be easier to stomach, but to close the account is, as you say, very fishy. I will visit the Bank tomorrow as requested - they don't unfortunately have a manager, it is quite a small branch
  5. I have a Barclays current account, with debit card, which I only use for putting money in (odd bonuses, birthday cheques, etc) on an occasional basis. This money gets withdrawn once a year for holiday spending money. My main account is with the Halifax, who receive my salary payments, pay my direct debits etc - and repaid me £1000 in charges last year - thanks! I went to Barclays today to pay in a cheque and withdraw some money for my holiday which starts on Monday. I was told by the cashier that the account was closed. No it isn't - who has closed it? To cut a very long (four hours in
  6. Keep going! If the charges were unlawful two weeks/two months/twp years ago, they are still unlawful! You will get them back if you follow the step by step advice given on this site. Nothing has happened (in the Daily Mail or anywhere else) to change the fact that these charges are and always have been unlawful. Good luck!
  7. Good luck Duncans-mum - I'm Duncan's mum as well and wish you all the best. Hope you enjoy spending your money when you get it back as much as we are going to when we go on our hols in September. Cheers!
  8. Survey completed, donation sent, just got to work out how to spend what's left of the money once he's paid off the Halifax overdraft so he can move to his other bank account! I'll keep watching, and thanks again.
  9. FINALLY - Just over £1,000 arrived in OH's account on Friday and a grovelly apologetic letter from the Halifax arrived in Friday's post. Donation made by PayPal to CAG this morning - a very small token of our appreciation. Will continue to watch developments with interest, and wish all of you the very best of luck in your claims against all the banks/cc companies etc. Thanks and regards to you all.
  10. Good luck to you. Bet they offer you about £250! Make sure you take this all the way! Keep us posted.
  11. See my post - my husband accepted their so called "goodwill gesture" on 2nd May - he still hasn't seen the money - promised tomorrow (18th May) definitely. If it's not there by lunchtime the court claim will be filed tomorrow afternoon. So don't hold your breath - they take it from you a lot quicker than they give it back! Good luck to you, and everyone else claiming.
  12. Update: On 2nd May my other half (against my better judgment) decided to accept the £1000+ offered as a goodwill gesture for his charges of £1400+ since 2003. He sent off the acceptance form that day - although I told him to hold on for the full amount, it was his decision. He has checked his balance daily (I have nagged a bit, I admit!) and as of today the money was still not in his account. I got angry this morning, and told him to check again and if the money was not there, to ring the Halifax and tell them his acceptance was withdrawn, and we would see them in court. Arriv
  13. Yesterday my husband received an offer of just over a grand for his unlawful charges for three years of £1400+. I told him that he should hold out for the whole amount, but he has decided to accept their offer. I tried to convince him that they would not offer him anything at all if their charges were lawful, but he said it was "less hassle" to accept, and it is £1,000+ anyway. His money, his decision! (We tend to have separate finances, so although I did the leg work, it is him who paid the charges, so his money to reclaim). I will let you know when he receives this money (they d
  14. But I haven't got them yet! Might only be two books with one stamp in each book! Don't care really, it's the £1,400+ from Halifax that I am determined to win, and that I will go all the way for. The stamps will come in handy though, if I get them........................!!!!!
  15. Further update: Last Saturday (22nd April) received TWO identical letters from Halifax offering £167 to settle the request for £1,400+ in charges. Replied on Monday 24th April saying thanks, we'll have the £167 but we want it all and a court claim would be submitted for the remainder. Heard nothing at all, so this morning the LBA posted giving them 14 days before the court claim is filed. Incidentally, I am getting two books of first class stamps from the Royal Mail as they did not obtain a signature on my first recorded delivery letter to the Halifax - the one that has been acknow
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