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  1. Hey I defaulted on my QQ account at the end of Jan and havent heard a thing since.... I sent them an e-mail explaining my situation and they have just locked my account. I guess they will be sending strait to a dca. Deadman
  2. Suepoo, did you get much hassle from them or did they go quite after you defaulted? Thanks
  3. Tiger, Im really sorry to hear what your going through and that your christmas was crap. Mine was too, Relationships stink! but its worse when there are kids involved. Please let me know how you get on with these companies over the next month. Im due to default on mine in the next 2 weeks. Im well scared, Sooo many sleepless nights Thanks
  4. Benjani, What did he say? Anything intresting?
  5. What the hell are you talking about, I so wish you one day fall into the difficuties alot of people are experiencing on here. If you dont need help the P**s Off. This is peoples life and they wouldnt be on here if they didnt want to sort things out would they. you are definately lost in space son!
  6. Tiger, what happemed in the end? have any of them contacted the husbands work? Im in the same position thanks
  7. HI guys, im in the same position with PTP, QQ and Wonga. Defaulting the end of the month. Well scared, will they call your employer? anyone no? Benzani, please let me no how u get on wid wonga. Cheers
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