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  1. They're proper searches that have decreased the score
  2. Ah, I see. thanks for your reply. I've been trying to keep my score squeaky clean, very disappointed with that sudden decrease.
  3. Hi. Sorry if this is in the wrong group. I wonder if anyone can help. I recently had to make 2 claims on my home contents policy with Halifax underwritten by Lloyds I have been trying to build my credit rating with the intention of applying for a mortgage in the new year. I was alarmed to find today that my rating has dropped by 200 points due to credit searches from Lloyds on the 2 dates that I made the claim. Is this normal, and why would they do such a search? This could seriously affect my chances of getting a mortgage. thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, and thanks in advance. As noted in a previous post by myself, my landlord failed to carry out repairs, which sadly ended in a fire. We were very lucky that we were not in bed at the time. A leak near electrics was left for 3 months, after repeated requests to deal with it. I was at home when I heard a bang in the attic. As I pulled down the hatch to investigate, I was greeted by flames and smoke with the attic ablaze. The fire crew told me the fire had been going for around 4 hours. This was at 10.30am. Had I not been there, and not opened the hatch, the whole h
  5. Hi all, and thanks in advance for any advice. I rent a good standard bungalow, good in sense of area, size and land. (doesn't come cheap either) We have been here 13 months. Now in December we had a leak in the kitchen ceiling which was immediately reported to the letting agent. As it was just days before Christmas I was told it would be dealt with after the Christmas period, but told to poke a small hole through ceiling to relieve any pressure, which I did. The water has come from the chimney stack, it's soaking wet in the attic. There is also damp coming into the 3 bedrooms, livin
  6. Hi all, and thanks in advance. My partner has been paying Emergency Tax since July, despite giving her tax code to her employer. Eventually, they said they needed the tax office to send them the code, which they have done TWICE! She was paid today, and what a suprise, no rebate and still paying Emergency tax. Now with Christmas approaching, we could really use that rebate, roughly £1000 Her employers said that it would have to be in her next pay.... 2 days before Xmas!!! And thats if they actually pull their finger out and sort it out, which judging by previous months
  7. Hi, We have been at our current property for 18 months, and throughout the tenancy, the landlord has said that the bond is protected..... I kind of knew it wasn't but let it go. Now we are moving out next week, and I asked the landlord about the details of the scheme. He replied.... "it's in my own scheme!" I asked what he meant by this and he said it's in his building society and not protected and informed me that if I wanted to do anything about that, to do-so, but it will only p***s him off. He's not a nice guy and I'm sure he will try to make up some excuse for keeping
  8. Hi thanks for your response. re ll going around back they would have had to lean over and unlock the side gate and walk through the garden and down steps to do so. it was repaired perfectly by a pro glazing company. They inspected the property only two months ago and they were more than happy. we have only made improvements to it. re inventory. there wasn't one. basically here's keys. done.
  9. I have lived at my property for 18 months and the landlords have been pretty poor to say the least. we waited two months for the boiler clock to be fitted. anyway. i gave my notice on Friday and asked for a reference. the landlord agreed. then his wife called and said the next rent is due Thursday but if you pay early we you'll have to wait for a reference. i wanted it this weekend to secure the new property. i told her she was being unreasonable and she basically said tough! i thought ok, I'll be awkward now. i reminded her that my bond has not been protected. she denie
  10. Yes the deposit is protected, and the agent has confirmed that i informed them about the tile, and permission was given for the sky plus Thanks
  11. Hi all, and thanks in advance for any help. I moved into the property in February with a 6 month lease. Through an estate agents. Now when I moved in i rented the property as a 3 bed house with garage. However, the owner had the garage half full of his posessions, but I was assured these would be removed in 2 weeks. Anyway, as time went on, I was given multiple excuses why the garage could not be cleared, 3 months into the tenancy, the owner came and removed, at best, 10% of the posessions. I had to explain that portion of the events, as it may prove relevant later on.
  12. thanks for your help. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that I'm still with the same agent, so i think both my deposits have never been protected, so they would owe me around £4000. Now, If I was to persue this, could they kick me out of the property I'm in now? I know not legally, but I'm sure if I took them on they'd find some excuse.
  13. I took out a ast in April 2009, and paid a £525 deposit. The landlord decided to sell the property and subsequently we moved in Feb of this year. I agreed to fit a new bathroom suite in return for slightly lower rent, £525 instead of £550, but as we were given notice in December I did not do this, so it was taken out of my deposit. Fair enough. I repeatedly asked the agent if the deposit was protected under a scheme, and was told "of course" Upon checking with a company that claim the fess, I have found this not to be the case. When we moved in February it was to ano
  14. ok, I've cancelled my course so I'll be here tomorrow. whats the process for the stay? PLK
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