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  1. Latest news on this, the Tender has been abandoned and marstons to continue for a further 2 years until a new tender in the next year or so
  2. A national register for tickets, checkable by registrations should be considered - something that shows up when doing a finance check. Also A legal payment method for selling vehicles where the money is forced to go to a national government holding account and any outstanding tickets are paid before funds given to the seller. This would also stop people from doing cash sales from their driveways without telling the tax man about the profit.
  3. They own jbw I agree marstons may try to buy a company. But capita wont be bought, excel are owned by hce group. Jbw i cant see it and jacobs havent tendered for this to sell Hmmm. Interesting times.
  4. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/contractors-appointed-to-enforce-criminal-court-orders
  5. Bit of news Marston holdings have lost the contract. New companies who will be collecting the fines will be Equita Excel Jacobs & JBW group. Contract begins feb 2019.
  6. few questions for the people who have said they would refuse to provide details. well why? i guess is the first one. what is the obsession in 2018 for being deliberately obstructive? not having a go just like to know the reasons why. when people say the EA should do the research, well what about this scenario: the writ has the address on. the company have done an experian search and it shows bank accounts and revolving credit & budget accounts at that address. the occupier isnt the debtor but refuses to say who they are. what more can the agent possibly do if the occupier is refusing to provide info other than continue with their actions?
  7. When a case is allocated to an Enforcement agent they add the fee even though a visit hasnt taken place. Call their call centre and remind them of this and ask it gets removed. They are sneaky so and so’s for doing this
  8. My friend got attacked with a knife Luckily didnt get stabbed Bloke got a £90 fine If only it was held at mold court
  9. I don't want to get involved in your discussion / argument but i want to make a point that was raised earlier about the councils passing payments over to companies. I asked a friend who does a lot of council tax for one of the big companies and he confirmed that non of the councils hes had work from have ever passed a direct payment over to the bailiff company. He would prefer if it was but it doesnt happen. He usually gets an email along the lines of crack on for your fees.
  10. You pay direct, they pay the company who take the £75 and split the remainder pro-rata, so until the balance including fees is paid the warrant remains outstanding and equita will come knocking for £310 fees.
  11. The charging of all the fees all at once is pure greed on the agents behalf who will likely get about a third of the fees for himself, and should definetly be bought to the attention of the managing director of the firm.
  12. Had a read through and you have been thorough in writing the course of events I think you have a strong case that because the 12 months have passed they should have returned it and not continued to persue you. I guess the reason people are saying to pay then go after the company is so that you are not without the vehicle and then have the time to go down the legal route. Will be interesting to see what response you get from the company. By chance have you spoken to the head of revenues or the councils legal team for their take on it? Because i assume the council tax department wont be too clued up on the laws.
  13. The problem is that bailiffs can NOT perform dvla checks for council tax so there is no way of ever knowing 100% whos any car is unless they happen to have a parking fine as well or they admit its theirs
  14. they would not give me a copy (of the warrant) following paragraph I can say I have been presented with a document (a copy of the warrant) that has not been written by a Judge with an authorising seal from the court make your mind up love cant have it both ways!! same with the chris morris video. officer the warrants a fake next breath - officer they wont show me the warrant - how do you know its a fake then you clown!
  15. Really don't know why people take issue with the other poster(s) on the rival forum. Just dont read it. Simple. Take no notice! Ive had messages from people screenshottimg posts accusing me of being a bailiff called "gary brown" Completly unfounded and based solely on a post i made after seeing a photo on facebook. I dont care and nor should anyone else. Dont read it and it wont be a problem!
  16. So what has happened to the hceo the smaller companies like dcbl and ces used to use simon williamson? Has he washed his hands of it?
  17. Was talking about this with my mate who works for one of the big firms doing council tax He said since the new law came in about people on benefits still have to pay a %age of the council tax its made his job unbearable He said loads of people still claim they didnt know about that they are expected to pay even 4 years on. Said even though the company has a policy of sending 4 letters out requesting an arrangement - nearly everyone sets the arrangement and doesnt bother paying it or just ignored it completly and that theres thousands of people with 4 years + arrears who havent paid a penny since it was introduced. Said if he gets a job lot of cases say 500, even without looking easy 450 of the cases will be people on benefits. Reckons as well the attitudes of the vast majority is "couldnt care less" For what its worth i think the councils or government (whoever introduced this) should scrap it as a bad job.
  18. The police national legistlation database number for the paragraph 68 offences is D21064 Not mentioned in the article
  19. £35 ticket Doubled after 14 days £70 +50% at charge certificate stage £105 £7 debt registration fee £112 £75 compliance £235 enforcement fee Total £422 Thats what it will be
  20. It cant be long before b&b / ukar come looking for their money. Could Sue's late mums enherited house be next on the chopping block??
  21. as is always the case with newspaper articles relating to bailiff enforcement there is nearly always a lot of misinformation to try and sell the story it clearly states the car was not a motability vehicle, on finance or displaying a blue badge and yet the paper automatically believes the woman. well maybe they should look a bit closer at her past. she has been found to of cheated her employer by having 12 years off sick when it appears she wasn't. AND when her employer sent out a private investigator, her husband lured him into the house, held him hostage and threatened him with a machete!!! which she was found to of played a part in as well. links to show this below... there's your other side of the story ... http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/great-barr-mum-off-work-for-12-151622 http://www.employmentcasesupdate.co.uk/site.aspx?i=ed6015
  22. Surely if the council have to pay their own legal costs - that money is being taken out of the tax payers council tax contribution So by taking the matter to court he is actually making things worse for the people he claims to be trying to help.
  23. It will be a court fine if collectica are involved. Not a parking fine (Eg speeding - no tax - assault - tv licence) Best way to find out is call hmcts west mercia and ask the question
  24. This forum is for helping people who want to pay their debts but cant - not those who dont want to. All you have done is brag that you are not going to pay - not really sure why you posted in the first place tbh
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