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  1. A creditor has a CC claim against me for £10k and all is going ok with cpr AQs etc but they will not provide me with my information from DSAr request unless I give them a signature. I am struggling to find the right letter to send I have sent LBA for non compliance. What is the route for court action and is ther another exmaple of letter I can send to get the information out of them I really could do with the info so I can get all of my ducks in the right order Barney
  2. Now got a hearing date with BH ordered to provide the original agreement the only copy they gave me following cpr request was a copy of the faxed copy from the dealer they are also ordered to provide the default notice and underwriting sheet and details of any commisions paid to the dealer MMMM if they dont have the original can i fight it off also does any one know about the default regs on unregulated loans Barney
  3. BUMP CAn any one in the site team recommend someone to take a look at this AQ has to be in this week
  4. The car was second hand and VRN/vin were available there is a seperate invoice from the dealer but not with the agreement I am simply looking for ways to handle this issue AQ to go in by 19th march What about the 4 notices of intention to terminate but no actual termination notice What should I be looking for to minimise my problems with them
  5. I have been looking at my agreement and the banks copy that I signed doesnt have the vehicle registration number or the VIN number How does this affect the agreements enforcability I have now recieved the Allocation questinaire N150 from the court and could do with some help to fill it in Barney
  6. Hi Dave I was beginning to think I was fighting this alone til you came along!! % dont come into it on unregulated so default is the route forward I think The termination letters also are letters stating they are going to terminate Not actually terminating so I dont know where I am going at this time Barney
  7. You really need to apply for a setaside at the earliest opportunity or there is a strong chance that your bill will hihger by the other side passin this onto a high court sherriff for collection I think you have very strong grounds for setaside not recieving the original docs you being abroad etc you also need to ask the Lettings/managment company for a copy of the agreement that you signed showing the cahrges that they are now adding on etc Send an SAR to them and the debt collectors this should be easy to get reduced back to the original debt barney
  8. BUMP Getting desperate for a hand here Does any one have any knowledge on this subject? Barney
  9. I had an unregulated loan for a car that was repossesed last year they are now pursuing me for £10k balance I have recd a court claim and replied with cpr31.4 aksing for better particulars of claim and have put in an embarressed defence on the back of it defending the whole claim I had at least 4 notices to terminate over several months and I dont have a record of a default notice Are DN relevant to unregulated loans and if they terminated 4 times have they unfairly rescinded the contract without giving me the chance to resolve it I will send SAR to find a DN Any advice apreciated:-? Barney
  10. I have got several defences from other threads and will ask for the case to be struck out, following non compliance of cpr In particular I am trying to understand defences surrounding unregulated loans, Is undeclared commissions applicable as the car was sold to me by an independant dealer and eh didnt offer any other facliities so could be unfair?? barney
  11. I have replied with aos defending whole claim and sent off cpr 31.4 but with no reply defence statement required any suggestions as this is unregulated!!! barney
  12. I am saying that in my case and at least one more Sf applied for an interpleader rather than a fee assesment, there were no goods in dispute only money charged and paid in full for fees Clearly as A litigant in person I didnt have a clue to the workings of a high court hearing,fortunately there was cag and help there and SF made a mistake taking me on Browne family did attend a fee assesment hearing and they subsequently won with SF backing out completely, see my thread Sherforce fraud/ deception WON will copyon the nextpost from that thread interesting or not? Perhaps a blf or HCE could help and tell us what the procedure is onlyme and many more
  13. No Ta, Dan, I dont wanna waste my brain power even thinking about it, I simply IGNORE him At least we all know now who he works for and you even know his name and address for any ones reference. Keep up the good work Only me ps LFB is busy with things and a run down on your story by PM might be worthwhile to him pps I am not that sharp I cant do this 2 profiles poo durghhh never mind hey!! lol
  14. Rarely do I reply to a thread like this but fluffy you are an ignoramous and need to get off this site Barney
  15. Dont want to hijack the thread but I have a very similar scenario with BH except with an unregulated loan for a repossesed car with balance of 11k Can the same/similar tactics be used for unregulated loans cpr31.4 req gong out tomorrow and AOS also now 7days old barney
  16. I have today recieved a claim form from my local court for a balance outstanding on an unregulated car loan. How do I defend it??? I have previously asked for balances and the workings out of the balance but never recieved them, they have sent LBA but no info I cannot afford to repay the balance (£10,000) anyhelp apreciated Barney
  17. Court tell me they have only recently sent the defence statement to other side and Mars say they are still going ahead suppose I will have to wait and see what they say in their reply to the court barney
  18. This is what they gave to me when requested I have the original signed by the car dealer and me it is the same in all other aspects barney
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