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  1. I have worked for this well known world wide pizza company for 2 and a half years.I have not lied about my job, or mileage usage, I have not misrepresented, to lower my insurance premium. I know that false information is classed as fraud. As far as i`m aware I had done the correct thing. I have had no bother at all in the years ive worked at this company, with insurance.
  2. My insurance provided by hastings.. Showing they were informed of my occupation & provided insurance knowing this. Which is what i did do. I gave the third party a copy of the buisness insurance policy. It was mentioned that the incident would be on cctv as it happened right outside of my employers premises which has cctv outside. The following day the third party along with a friend attended my employers premises asking for the cctv to which he was told by my area manager it will be given to the insurance company upon their request and was again handed a copy of the policy by him. Instead the third party has procedded to claim on my personal policy.
  3. I informed hastings i was a pizza delivery driver for a certain company. Therefore i informed them of my occupation & have quite a high annual mileage allowance on my own policy. Hastings provided cover on the basis i was a pizza delivery driver. Now the person who is claiming for the accident was handed a copy of my employers insurance details and told to contact the buisness insurance by my area manager. Instead the third party has given my reg no to whoever he is using to make a claim. So instead of them claiming through the insurance provided by my employer, they have obtained my private policy i.e hastings and made a claim through my private policy instead.
  4. Which is exactly what i told hastings. That the accident that is being claimed happened whilst i was covered on my employers insurance as i was at work. Hastings cover private/personal insurance. Employers insurers (ESR) cover whilst i am actually carrying out my dutys on behalf of my employer.
  5. Screen shot of employers insurance that myself and hundreds of other drivers are given and told we are covered on the buisness insurance therefore do not require additional buisness insurance.
  6. This is correct as im led to believe by my employer. Myself and hundreds of other employees.
  7. This is correct as i am led to believe by my employer. Any ideas how to upload the screen shot?
  8. Here is a screen shot of my emplyers insurance document with identifiable info blacked out. Once i work put how to attach it of course.
  9. This is a copy of my employer`s insurance, as you can see it reads any employee
  10. Yes it is my own vehicle, and yes all drivers are covered while at work on our employers business insurance on a third party basis. This is why our own personal insurance details are photographed, to be legal in all aspects. Also why does my employer say that business insurance is not needed,
  11. Hi Will try and keep this as short as possible I work for a well know Pizza company, as a delivery driver, while im working for my employer i am covered through their business insurance. i have to provide my own personal insurance/mot to be able to work. I had an incident in October, whilst at work, I had reversed out of a parking bay, no more than a car length, looked in passenger mirror and noticed a car behind me, i waited for some sort of reaction from the driver, was none, i got out of my car, and i noticed damage to the front of the vehicle, being a bit confused i believed i had hit the car and caused the damage, having said that, as it seems now the damage on car was previous damage. At the time i gave him details of my employer`s insurance policy, i did not get any details from him, as i say trying to keep this short, incident would have been on company cctv. The other party has not gone through my employers insurance, they are taking it through my own. Now this is where i need help or advice, when i took out the insurance policy with Hastings Direct, i specified my employment as what it is, a fast food delivery driver, i do not need business cover, as its provided for. Hastings accepted my employment and insured me. Due to this incident, i had to fill in a claim form by 27 of this month. i spoke to Hastings, advising them that this was an employment issue, and that it should be going through my employers insurance. I supplied Hastings with the information that was requested. I now as of yesterday have been sent notice of cancellation. For using a vehicle outside the terms and conditions of this policy. I rang Hastings today about this, i was told its being cancelled due to my job??? I will now be penalised for being honest, by having insurance cancelled. I have contacted the financial ombudsman service today, also have put in an official complaint to Hastings. This has got me stressed out, I work a 0 hr contract and cannot afford the insurance quotes, im getting now or drive with a black box, with restrictions.
  12. I very much doubt and afraid to say, that 3 agencies i have contacted,all agree that in law , i have a right to claim, under soga 1979 down to false advertising. I would like to see something, that disputes this.
  13. I am in the process of taking a guy to the small claims court. I saw a car advertised on Ebay as an excellent runner , a true pleasure to drive, i had a good look at the car everything looked ok ,was told it was serviced about 3k miles before i bought it, the guy had it a few months,it had a tag on the dipstick to show oil change milage and spark plugs changed, I did not pull out dipstick at the time of viewing.I looked at exhaust fumes ect. Car was warm when i viewed it, seller said the car was at a mates house,on first telephone call. Ebay had ended by this time so i left a deposit, seller was concerned that i was to take the car away there and then , but not paid in full , i had no rights to take it away there and then.I said i would pick it up when paid in full. Here the story starts , car was warm agian when i got it,and dark.Next day , i checked certain things before i drove it, (controls for wiper washer are different ,same car ,different year) i presumed washer bottle empty,this was one of my checks, only used about half a bottle of screen wash, bottle was full,(thought then leak,frozen pipe untill i realised i was not using the controls correctly) Any way on pulling dipstick,there was no oil showing at all (thought wrong dipstick) and very odd ,added 3x 1 liter bottles of oil. Took car for a 22 mile drive, noticed a few things not right, temp gauge not working right,engine did not seem to have power going up hills. Next day wanted to see if engine was over/under heating down to temp gauge acting up. reved car up to 4k revs,and car filled garden with thick white smoke, after some investigation found that it was burning oil, rang seller to say what i found, seller`s responce, was "i know nothing about it,if you want ill send a mechanic friend of mine to come and have a look" never happened, i took car to a garage never used before, he agreed burning oil. Got back on phone to seller for a refund , he was not prepared to do that, as far as he was concerned sold privately ,no come backs, but he did say about his mech.friend (mobile mechanic) again to look,at my place of work, this time he did. He took out spark plugs ,all oiled up,cleaned them, did a dry compression test , put plugs back in ran engine,removed plugs, oiled up again , mech said id expect one ,but not all 4, but was postitive car not burning oil. Mech then said there was no eml light on and that bulb may of blown or removed, he put a code reader on , found egr valve problem,i thought could be a possibilty , but realised my car is a petrol and not a diesel.I asked for a price anyway ,mech said he would get back to me. Mech also said he had done some work previously on the car, rear brake caliper was sticking. AFter other emails,telephone calls to seller it was obvious that he was not prepared to take the car back, Telephoned trading standards for advice, first call was no joy, buyer beware, second call to t/s we learned that we did have some rights,and read the advert out , as soon as we got to excellent runner ,advisor said we could take it further. In the mean time (could not afford to just wait) and advised t/s that we were going to get car repaired and informed the seller,we had already sent the seller 14 days notice to come up with something, his reponse to this was to offer £100 refund, as in his words he felt sorry for my situation.And this was on condition of garage report and trading standards intervention. Garage replaced all piston rings,oil ring were seized up ,also valve stem seals, crank bearings and timing chain, total cost £750,the mechanic also wrote out a report saying ,what he found. I did not have car for 13 days while being repaired, when i got the car back, a few days after i found that the caliper ,that the seller mech mate had repaired,was seized,stripped the rear wheel down and found pads down to metal disc was all scored ,other side pads half worn ,discs ok,replaced all rear brakes and the caliper, at another £100 cost to me. i texted the seller`s mech friend,before my investigation of brakes,to ask what he fixed, no reply, same as when i texted him the day after he looked at car ,to say that the car was burning oil and it was not egr valve. The car had literally burned the 3 liters of oil i put in, 60 miles. I have been to see trading standards, again for advice, in filling out court forms, i know that its nothing to do with t/s but using them for advice. The seller is a teacher and very articulate,where by i am not, t/s said that the judge may go on who he likes more,lol. I cant really afford to take the matter further, but will if i have to, i have given the seller another 14 days to respond to the garage bill/report and the brakes. Another thing i forgot to mention, is that when i picked up the car i noticed that the car was not in his name,but as i said to the seller i was buying the car in good faith.I did not question it at the time, i know that some owners do not infrom the dvla,of ownership change, but then he did have car for 5 months and did over 2 k miles in car.After asking about this he said it was his mothers car and he was the main driver. Who should i be dealing with? Mother as the owner or Son as the seller. Before car went to garage to be repaired the car, when being run on tick over for a while , would missfire,lumpy revs on tick over. Sorry that this is a long post , but wanted to get points across as it is, the car is on a y reg 2001 and has done less than 80k miles. I also rang the garage that serviced/moted car,considering it has only been 6 months since last service /mot, they had no record of it on their computer system. Also i have since fixed the eml light, the sellers mech friend was correct ,the led had been ripped out of the pcb, the legs of the led were still in the back of the pcb. What exactly will my chances of claiming back just under £1000 from the seller. I`m claiming for the work the garage done, costs for rear brake replacements, tempory insurance to run my old car,for the 13 days which was £5 a day Ebay advert... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  14. I have been advised that even thogh its a private sale, the car was not 100% accurately described, it cost me £1000 to fix as described an excellent runner, a car that burns oil to that extent is not an excellent runner,therefore the soga 1979 applies At the time of viewing the car was not showing signs of burning oil, it came apparent when i added oil. Also the seller knew that there was a problem with the rear brakes , this was not passed on to me either. From what i have gathered from various places, a car must be of road worthy condition when sold, ie it must be able to pass an mot , with binding brakes and burning oil, i dont think ,well i know there is no way the car would go through an mot in that condition. If the case is that the seller knows it wont pass an mot or is unroadworthy, it must be sold as scrap and both parties need to agree
  15. I had checked the Ebay listings, its not his account, i believe it to be his partners account, there are no sales to do with cars. I dont think that who the cars was registered in would make a difference, if it is the case that maybe the mechanic bought it (me getting paranoid) and used his mate to sell it on,used his mother as registered keeper,to make some cash, or if it is a geniune private sale, I`m quite certain that his mother will agree to owning the car.
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