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  1. I have worked for this well known world wide pizza company for 2 and a half years.I have not lied about my job, or mileage usage, I have not misrepresented, to lower my insurance premium. I know that false information is classed as fraud. As far as i`m aware I had done the correct thing. I have had no bother at all in the years ive worked at this company, with insurance.
  2. My insurance provided by hastings.. Showing they were informed of my occupation & provided insurance knowing this. Which is what i did do. I gave the third party a copy of the buisness insurance policy. It was mentioned that the incident would be on cctv as it happened right outside of my employers premises which has cctv outside. The following day the third party along with a friend attended my employers premises asking for the cctv to which he was told by my area manager it will be given to the insurance company upon their request and was again handed
  3. I informed hastings i was a pizza delivery driver for a certain company. Therefore i informed them of my occupation & have quite a high annual mileage allowance on my own policy. Hastings provided cover on the basis i was a pizza delivery driver. Now the person who is claiming for the accident was handed a copy of my employers insurance details and told to contact the buisness insurance by my area manager. Instead the third party has given my reg no to whoever he is using to make a claim. So instead of them claiming through the insurance provided by my employer, they have obtained my priva
  4. Which is exactly what i told hastings. That the accident that is being claimed happened whilst i was covered on my employers insurance as i was at work. Hastings cover private/personal insurance. Employers insurers (ESR) cover whilst i am actually carrying out my dutys on behalf of my employer.
  5. Screen shot of employers insurance that myself and hundreds of other drivers are given and told we are covered on the buisness insurance therefore do not require additional buisness insurance.
  6. This is correct as im led to believe by my employer. Myself and hundreds of other employees.
  7. This is correct as i am led to believe by my employer. Any ideas how to upload the screen shot?
  8. Here is a screen shot of my emplyers insurance document with identifiable info blacked out. Once i work put how to attach it of course.
  9. Yes it is my own vehicle, and yes all drivers are covered while at work on our employers business insurance on a third party basis. This is why our own personal insurance details are photographed, to be legal in all aspects. Also why does my employer say that business insurance is not needed,
  10. Hi Will try and keep this as short as possible I work for a well know Pizza company, as a delivery driver, while im working for my employer i am covered through their business insurance. i have to provide my own personal insurance/mot to be able to work. I had an incident in October, whilst at work, I had reversed out of a parking bay, no more than a car length, looked in passenger mirror and noticed a car behind me, i waited for some sort of reaction from the driver, was none, i got out of my car, and i noticed damage to the front of the vehicle, b
  11. I very much doubt and afraid to say, that 3 agencies i have contacted,all agree that in law , i have a right to claim, under soga 1979 down to false advertising. I would like to see something, that disputes this.
  12. I am in the process of taking a guy to the small claims court. I saw a car advertised on Ebay as an excellent runner , a true pleasure to drive, i had a good look at the car everything looked ok ,was told it was serviced about 3k miles before i bought it, the guy had it a few months,it had a tag on the dipstick to show oil change milage and spark plugs changed, I did not pull out dipstick at the time of viewing.I looked at exhaust fumes ect. Car was warm when i viewed it, seller said the car was at a mates house,on first telephone call. Ebay had ended by this time so i left a deposit,
  13. I have been advised that even thogh its a private sale, the car was not 100% accurately described, it cost me £1000 to fix as described an excellent runner, a car that burns oil to that extent is not an excellent runner,therefore the soga 1979 applies At the time of viewing the car was not showing signs of burning oil, it came apparent when i added oil. Also the seller knew that there was a problem with the rear brakes , this was not passed on to me either. From what i have gathered from various places, a car must be of road worthy condition when sold, ie it must be able to pass an mot ,
  14. I had checked the Ebay listings, its not his account, i believe it to be his partners account, there are no sales to do with cars. I dont think that who the cars was registered in would make a difference, if it is the case that maybe the mechanic bought it (me getting paranoid) and used his mate to sell it on,used his mother as registered keeper,to make some cash, or if it is a geniune private sale, I`m quite certain that his mother will agree to owning the car.
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