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  1. My mum recieved a final demand from UKPC ltd demanding an amount for £80 be paid immediately or legal action will be taken. I would appreciate advise on how to approach this as my father passed away last week and do not want any threatening correspondence going to my mums address. She was very upset at this as my father never owed any money to anyone. Thanks
  2. I quoted the details to Virgin Media and they said that this applies to marketing only lol. Slimey company indeed.
  3. This gets better and better. I spoke to Virgin Media earlier who said that if I don't want a third party to discuss my account, I HAVE TO TELL THEM!! I thought that Data Protection law meant that I would have to tell them if I wanted anyone to discuss the account other than myself?? According to Virgin Media "We can chase you for money at any time it is owed and we can speak to any third party if they quote the password even if they are not named on the account" She also had the cheek to ask "Why would there be anyone in your home who was not able to discuss the account?"
  4. Would be grateful if you could provide with a link to this template.
  5. An adviser from Virgin Media called my home when I was at work and spoke to my wife. They discussed the amount owed on the account with my wife who is not authorised to discuss the account. My wife explained that I dealt with this, but the adviser continued without security questions and told her if the amount was not paid in two days, the services would be suspended. Can anyone please advise what I should do?
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