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  1. i have done but when they are charging £200 a bailiff visit which i'm sure they are not doing but saying they are its difficult. i've worked out where the court is now thanks - its woolwich county court
  2. thanks alfwithhair but thats not the court, the name they give me is " south east and central court london " all one name.
  3. i'm being chased for a unpaid train ticket fine that i wasn't even aware that had gone this far. so far philips have charged me £75 admin fees and £200 attendance fee. when i phone them up they give a name of a court i can find nothing out about and they won't even tell me what bailiff has turned up or when they will. i think they are hoping i will pay everything and not argue about the excessive fees added
  4. i can't because the only name philips will give me is south east and central london court, which i can't find on the net or on hcms website to find out more information. They won't even tell me what bailiff is going to visit me either !
  5. i don't the only information philips will give me is that name but i can't find out who the court is to complain about the bailiffs
  6. Hello does anyone know this court - south east and central london ? i google it and get nothing thanks
  7. yes its an unpaid fine that i wasn't even aware of had got this far. How can they charge the attendance fee if the bailiff hasn't visited the property and if i enter in to an agreement the bailiff won't visit either so they are charging for work they haven't carried out !
  8. hello i have recently got back a list of fees from philips recovery agents, it has 2 fee amounts on it, one for £75 ( admin fee ) and one for £200 ( attendence fee ). Can they charge these fees they sound far to excessive and i would like to point out that no bailiff has visited and they don't know what bailiff will visit, so can they charge this ? when i have spoken to them they said there policy is charge in advance. thanks
  9. what shall i do about philips charging me fees for the bailiff visiting when he hasn't, philips won't give me his name and can they add £75 admin fees ?
  10. i haven't moved but i do have a lot of problems with my mail. i'm going to phone the magistrates today and see if the dates match up between the case being passed and the letter being sent
  11. they claim to have sent them but i haven't yet received any, i knew there would have been a date set but i was waiting for them to inform me and now i have a bailiff chasing me who seems to think its ok to charge me £200 each time he visits. plus they appear to be doing this in advance
  12. Hello i have a new problem with philips bailiff recovery agency over an unpaid penalty fare on the train that i wasn't even aware had gone this far. i got a letter through this morning dated the 5th of jan but received on the 14th. the bailiff company has added £200 in fees to this and i've asked them to send me a breakdown of this so god knows when i'll receive this. i do know that this includes a £75 admin fee. also the bailiff hasn't even visited my property yet it seems like they are charging in advance for something that hasn't even happened yet. i tried to argue with them over the dates about receiving the letter but it wasn't their problem and the law states that they can add the fees. also according to them the bailiff doesn't even need a wpo to apparantly break in to my property to seize my goods. any ideas or tips please how i can go about dealing with this bunch
  13. the company that are dealing with my council tax arrears is ross and roberts and the bailff who is representing them has his certificate issued by wigan county court and apparntly works for this c+m recoveries company that i can't find absolutley nothing about. Also when you you search for ross and roberts bailiffs they are all in one particular area apart from one in my area who isn't the bailiff who called - something fishy here !!!
  14. thanks but when you search for the company he is apparntly registered with you get nothing come its like it doesn't exist, and as someone has said previously if any changes have been made things should have been updated as they clearly haven't.
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