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  1. I've not had any experiences with Payplan - but many of their principles are in common with CCCS (who i'm with). Its not necessarily a case of what they will or won't manage - but the implications of leaving certain creditors 'out' of any debt management arrangement. With CCCS for example, you have to agree and sign up to disclosing all of your debt details and including all of them in the plan. The increases the leverage they have with creditors and is transparent to everyone. If for example one of your creditors found out that creditor b, c or d isn't on the plan (and they do get visib
  2. Hi there - can anyone PM me the bank details for Wonga please?
  3. Forgot to add - PDUK were more difficult. They called me when they realised my DD had been cancelled - and weren't too cooperative. I then issued all the PD loan companies (excl. PD Express as there was no need) to contact me in writing only (there are templates on here or on moneysavingexpert which can help you). Really do make the most of what's available to you on these forums and stay strong and don't be pressured into paying what you cannot afford (that is after all only what a county court can make you pay!) I can't recommend the CCCS enough (or try Payplan/National Debtline) for
  4. No worries - i was in the same boat with rollovers etc. I used the CCCS Debt Remedy which prescribed a DMP for me (if you're ok with computers its SO much faster than booking an appointment). Within a few days you receive an introduction pack with a template letter in (notification of Debt Management Plan) - which i posted to all my creditors with token payments of £1 postal orders. Payday Express called me, said 'thanks, we really appreciate you letting us know and sending the payment, we'll wait to hear from the CCCS.' - the guy was professional and friendly! Good luck - and let me k
  5. No response from Wonga yet to my Notification of DMP or re: the CCCS proposal. I'm due to default on Monday.... I've already moved banks to the Co-op (who are fantastic). Re: PTP and QuickQuid - I was firm from the very first phone call by sending them both e-mails advising I'd only communicate in writing (post or e-mail). After some to-ing and fro-ing and arguing whether telephone was electronic communication or not (QQ insisted it was - when it isn't) - they're now just e-mailing me. With PTP you get passed to an account manager -- and mine has been ok - left me alone once I'd fax
  6. So far - Payday Express seem fantastic (in comparison to others!) - accepted my token payment of £1 and await my proposal from the CCCS on the DMP.
  7. Thanks - i filled out the debt remedy then called with the payday loan details (i had PTP, Wonga, PDUK, QQ, WDA) - they then put £1 monthly contractual payment (which i don't understand - but will clarify Monday hopefully!). If you need any help dealing with any of them let me know - i've already had experience of QQ and PTP!
  8. Hi there - just a quick question re: my CCCS DMP which starts this month. I've had several payday loans (from £250 to £1300) with various companies (inc. PTP, Wonga, PaydayUK) - just wondered why on my DMP the CCCS have entered £1 as the 'monthly contractual payment' and a £5 payment as part of the plan. This seems a really small amount --- does anyone have any idea why it is like this? I'll call them on Monday to clarify, but is this normal?? Most of my other payments to creditors are around 50-75% of what they were - i just can't see DCAs beginning to accept £5 offers.... CCCS have been
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