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  1. i agree with major, they arent smart enough to make plans, that would require knowing what your doing more than a day in advance. deejay can i just ask is the agreement you have been sent out the same agreement as your original but without the insurance? if it is then if you have paid the amount of money you say you have paid you wont owe them any money.
  2. thts what i would advise oz. though im not a fan of standing orders as i had trouble changing the date on a loan i had with my own bank, and no i dont have online banking to do that lol
  3. when they installed new software in march 08 a lot of customers accounts stopped being reported. i take it this was when yours stopped letsfightback? its pretty easy for them to get this recorded again so them rejecting your complaint doesnt make sense, give them hell!!
  4. hi there is a number for an automatic line that they have to make card payments, no unscrupulous cams etc can get your details from this
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