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  1. I have been trying since 30th January 2013 to set up a repayment plan with these ! And this is as far as I have got ! Dear I have considered the hardship application and can provide you with the following payment arrangements: 1. Settlement plan for the total balance £329 repayable latest on the 2nd of June 2013. This balance consists of the following: 1) Loan Principal £100 2) Interest 1% of the principal per day up to 02/06/2013 totalling £149 3) Overdue penalty £25 added on the 3rd of February 2013 4) Overdue penalty £55 added on the 5th of February 2013 Payments should be made at least once in every 30 days, but as we have not received any payments from you we expect the first payment of any amount (token payment) to be made latest on the 17th of February 2013. In order to follow the settlement plan, please make sure that the registered debit card has been cancelled with the bank, as the system will continue to debit payment from the card registered in our system. You may make payments towards the settlement balance by calling to our Customer Support by phone and authorising each payment via debit card. The settlement plan will help you avoid the default mark on your credit report, that should be marked on the 3rd of June 2013. 2. Payment plan set up with our debt recovery partner from March 2013 for the total balance of £379 at the rate £20 per month. This balance consists of the following: 1) Loan Principal £100 2) Interest 1% of the principal per day up to 02/06/2013 totalling £149 3) Overdue penalty £25 added on the 3rd of February 2013 4) Overdue penalty £55 added on the 5th of February 2013 5) 50% of the debt recovery fee £100 The account would be forwarded to our debt recovery partner in the beginning of March 2013, who will contact you and set the payment plan up. In order to follow the payment plan, please make sure that the registered debit card has been cancelled with the bank, as the system will continue to debit payment from the card registered in our system until the account is allocated to our partner. The default mark on your credit report will be marked on the 3rd of June 2013. Please consider the above and let me know your opinion latest by the 28th of February 2013. So I got back to them after this e-mail and said I have been attempting to pay the original loan of £100 (80 received only) by a repayment plan and they have made no attempt to get this sorted so meanwhile they are adding extra ! and I then received this Dear I understand that you are claiming that the cause of the unforeseen financial difficulties is being single. The information provided to us during the registration stated that you are divorced, but not living together. We are relying on the information provided before applying for the loan because we are not able to ask any supportive documentation with this cause. The only overdue charges are the penalties totalling £80 are considered payable with the settlement plan as interest is not considered to be an overdue charge. Interest is considered a cost of using the funds provided to you by Microcredit Ltd. As payment plans last longer than 4 months and set up by our debt recovery partners, the debt recovery fee £100 is considered the cost for the administration of the payment plan. Can someone help me as to what to do next ? Please
  2. Hi Can any one help me with the e-mail of the main people of Mr Lender and peachy loans please as this is just becoming a joke asking me to pay to go on to a repayment plan. Thank You
  3. Hi can you tell how to do a full complaint ? is there a template letter etc ? and thank you so far for your advice
  4. Are Mr Lender ALLOWED TO DO THIS ??? In order to set a repayment plan up with Mr lender we the payment of £150 will need to be made 31st January 2013. Once received we can then put a repayment plan in place for the remaining balance for £50.00 per month. I have also noted on your account that you wish communication to be through email, please be aware that if payment is not received your account will remain in collections incurring calls and fees.
  5. Hi I really don't know what to do for the best Text Loan has got to me regarding the Repayment Plan and they were really cool ... Nothing from minicredit ! Mr Lender is asking me for £150 interested before they do a repayment plan with me ! and I told them I can only afford £50 Peachy wants £50 from me first before they decide on a repayment plan I offered them £20 Payday uk wants a expenditure list before agreeing a plan I really can not believe you have to pay upfront money when you are trying to set a repayment plan with these people ! also while this is going they are adding late payment and interest!!! What do I do ????
  6. This is what I have just arrived in my email !! Still wont agree with a repayment plan Thank you for the e-mail. Accordance with the FSA guidelines we are willing to accept all reasonable offers by debtors to pay by instalments only in case debtors have supplied evidence of inability to pay in full, and accurate income and expenditure information demonstrating the maximum amount they can afford to pay. As stated before, we are willing to offer you a repayment plan if we receive documented evidence of change of your financial circumstances. Also, please note that you have electronically signed our Credit Agreement including the following clause: 1.7 You agree that at the date of applying for and accepting an advance from us, you are not: a) in a Debt Management Plan (or similar scheme) or considering entering a Debt Management Plan (or similar scheme); b) in an I.V.A or are considering entering into an I.V.A.; c) bankrupt or considering filing for bankruptcy; d) under notice of termination of employment, redundancy or any other notice which could affect your employment status; e) in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay or suffering from any medical condition which would cause you to apply for Statutory Sick Pay during the period of the loan; f) in receipt of any benefits instead of your usual wages, salary or other income declared to us in your application. If you have not repaid the full amount of loan including administrative fees and interest by the 49th day of the loan cycle we will hand your debt over to our Debt Collection Partner. Please note that we might charge you with other reasonable costs that have incurred as a result of you missing your payments, such as reasonable legal costs or the additional costs that would involve instructing a debt collection agency to recover amounts that are due from you. Late repayments may affect your credit rating and may result in legal action. We try to collect your outstanding debt on a regular basis. -- Kind regards, Daniel Erma Peachy Collections Department http://www.peachy.co.uk [email protected]
  7. Good Morning since I was kindly given the bank details by you I have sent a repayment plan letter to all of those Payday Loan companies which I am waiting on some to get back to me so thank you to those of you who help me with this. But I need some help here I have just received a e-mail from "Peachy" suggesting............. As we value you as a customer and want to help you to avoid overdue charges we would like to offer you the opportunity to EXTEND your loan. You are allowed to extend your loan for up to five times. You may apply for a loan extension through the ‘my account’ area or by simply sending an SMS saying EXTEND to 67788. The extension will work as a re-financed loan. It will be for the same period of time as your initial loan period. Please note that in order to extend the loan you need to pay the outstanding interest and fees of your current loan. n case you are not able to extend your loan then please note, our accepted criteria for a repayment plan are as follows: • Significant Loss of income • Unexpected change in personal circumstance, e.g. Long term sickness • Severe Disability or illness (including close family members) • Terminal illness or Mental illness (including close family members) • Deceased (including close family members) • Redundancy or Reduced hours (contractual hours reduced by company) All or any of the above may require documented evidence. I.e.: • If you are now unemployed or in receipt of financial support, please provide proof of unemployment or redundancy. If your contractual hours have been reduced by your employer, please provide a letter from your employer on company headed paper to confirm this. • If your circumstances have changed due to personal illness, please provide a copy of a doctor’s note or hospital letter. If your financial circumstances have changed we may be prepared to consider a reasonable and affordable repayment plan. But I have already offered the amount I can afford for the next 6 month !!!!!!! Where do I go from here ?
  8. have you mini credit e-mail address ? Thank you
  9. Hi PDL Victim Thank You for this ....... I see you have most of these on your list can I ask how much you offered them as a repayment plan ?
  10. Hi Has anyone got the Bank details of the following Payday loan please they are willing to share with me ? Mr Lender Peachy Txtloan Minicredit Payday UK Thank you
  11. Hi Can anyone help me I need the e-mail for Welcome Finance to send my Expenditure Sheet . Also I need the Telephone number to put a complaint in about they so call Telephone Manners of one of their STAFF James who ring me at work and is quite rude to me !! Can anyone help me Please
  12. Hi I have been having some dealings again with Welcome Finance I' m still paying my loan off at £89 per month every month. But of course they have been phoning me as they want proof of my earnings which have not change !!! which I told them yesterday. I did say that the my rent has gone up and I have still been paying the same amount to them even with the fact that I should of reduced the amount I was paying them to balance out the rent increase! The interest has been frozen on this loan but the rude person said to me yesterday that he will have to start charging me interest as I refused to send my bank statements etc !! I got very cross being spoke to like that so I said he can have the expenditure sheet I have and a reduce amount of payment from now on as that is all I am paying !! was I wrong in saying this should I let them have my bank statements ! Can I reduce the payment because of my rent increase ?
  13. Hi I need some advice about my problem let me give a bit of a background to this. I have been put on the AT RISK list at work after 22 years 11 of these in the role I am doing now, we have to make cut backs so there quite a few of us in the same boat. Two years ago we gave someone a informal interview for a 2 year temp contract job very much like my own which nows will end in the next couple of months. I had to give her some of my work when she first came and it happened last year again when I was Supended for a couple of months ! Now we are both at risk and there is only one job ! and we are both going for it . I have asked the question about temp contracted being at risk but the answer I receive is anyone on this sort of contract has the same rights as us. I am really feeling sick having to go up against someone who is just out of university and younger and also if she gets the job I feel I can not stay there if this happens because now we are able to go for some of the other job which need filling from people taken early retirement but I can't stay with someone there other then me in my job. I just feel this is a bit unfair that my work was given to provide her with a job at first and now she does not have to go after her two years is up which should of been happening because that is what contract are for are they not ?? Can anyone help on this please ?
  14. Hi yes you do keep saying this but people don't seem to understand if they have been using that card for all the time for payments the banks will let them use it even when you have reported it stolen or lost as I have surprisely found out !!! with seeing the money disappering !
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