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  1. Thank you, I am so relieved now, was starting to get worried! I got the acknowledgement from the court. I am claiming in England! And my claim was for less that £1000. I wouldn't worry though, it may take a little longer in Scotland as I believe it is done differently up there? The intent to claim came in the post yesterday and yet the money was sat in my account this morning! Hang in there! And keep me posted, would like to know when it all works out for you!
  2. OMG! I won!!! just checked my bank online and the money is all there!!! yey!!!! :) Ok one last question, how do I let the court know? or do I need to wait until the halifax have sent me a letter?
  3. I've got the acknowledgement now and notice they will defend! Why do they not just pay up straight away, surely it would be much easier for them rather than dragging things out! And less stressful for me of course!!
  4. ok not that I am glad you've not heard anything but I am pleased that it isn't just me. they must be overloaded with claims by now with more and more people finding out about this!! Oh and their scare tactic - it's definitely working!!!
  5. ok thanks, I'll keep waiting! fingers crossed it will be sometime soon!!
  6. Starting to get worried, it's been nearly 2 weeks since I filed the online claim and I've heard nothing from the Halifax as yet. Is this normal as I thought they had 14 days in which to acknowledge the claim? Will I be given plenty of notice if for some reason it gets to court?
  7. I hope that is the case! I'm now worried that with them getting so many they might want to start going to court! Will keep you posted!!
  8. Thank you so much, I was worrying that I was the only one who'd not had a reply from them yet! If the don't reply do you mean that I get the money from the halifax anyway? I wish I could be so confident about the possibility of going to court! I feel better knowing that someone else it at the same stage as me so you will have to keep me updated if you get a reply from them. I'm also worrying that I will end up being the first one taken to court by the Halifax! I had an offer from the halifax after the LBA was sent to refund the last 6 months of charges, but I refused saying I would accep
  9. I filed the MCOL last friday (20th Oct) and as yet have not received anything back from the Halifax. I have received the paperwork from the court but nothing else. I am slightly worried now as other's I have read about have received notification soon after filing the claim! Also, if they do pay up - which I really hope they do!! - do I need to contact the court to let them know money has been received or will the Halifax do that? I probably sound like I'm worrying over nothing but I want to be prepared for what might happen! Thanks
  10. I am trying to file an online claim, I have the words down to less than 1080 but cannot fit them on 24 lines. I copied the wording from another post but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of alternative wording which they have used which fit into the box?! I want to make sure it is exactly right before I send it!! :?
  11. Thanks for that, I presume I need to work out the amount to include it in the claim? Is that what all these spreadsheets are for?!
  12. Hi again, sorry I'm a pain! Just a quick question about the whole 8% interest. The MCOL site suggests text which includes the date the money bacame owed to the date you issue the claim, just wondering which the date the money bcame owed is? Is it from when I sent the 1st letter or before that? Thanks
  13. Thanks that's great, I feel much better!! Filing court claim today!!!
  14. Ok thanks, I will file the claim and hope that they will pay up before it gets to court! After I've filed the claim will there be a court date issued and if so how soon? I just want to know what will happen and what to expect before I commit myself! Should I prepare to end up in court or is it more likely that they will pay up, I am only claiming £480, which isn't as much as some of the claims I've read about. I know I probably sound like I'm worrying too much!!
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