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  1. Hello I asked for my bank statements May 6th 2006. Can I claim 5 years back from that date or is it 5years from today? Regards
  2. Hello, I am about to claim bank charges and was under the impression I could only claim up to 750 for each claim. Is this no longer the case?
  3. Hello Thanks for the quick reply. My friend told me that...seems not so.. I was paying £22.50 a month for a £100 overdraft = £270 a year surely this is not legal??? I didnt realise until I scrutinised these statements. Regards Sandy
  4. Hello, I was told by the clydesdale I would have to pay £15 per statement prior to 2005. Not so!! I got a letter from this site stating With reference to your comment that bank statements before July 2005 were not covered under the Data Protection Act, could you please confirm in writing the legal basis for why you believe data prior to July 2005 is exempt from the DPA. Could you also provide a reference to the particular exemption provision of the Act, which you think, applies. I clearly believe the bank has erred in law here. Please refer to the Information Commissioner's L
  5. Helllo Everyone, I have just received my bank statements from the clydesdale. What charges can one claim? I was told that I could only claim if the transaction (i.e returned cheque) was less than the charges. Is this so? Regards Sandy
  6. Hy All, Thanks for the replys I took the letter to the bank wednesday morning in the afternoon got the phone call to say only give me a years free statements that afternoon got a letter off this forum stating they HAD BY LAW to give me the info that i requested...saturday got the letter from the clydesdale saying that yep by law they had to give me the statements. I wonder how many other people are put off by the thought of shelling out £300 for statements that are rightfully yours... regard sandy
  7. Hello all Just to let you know i got a letter from the clydesdale...guess they are responding to my request and there will be no payment necessary other that the obligatory £10.. thanks for all the info
  8. Hello Just got off the phone to clydesdale....the manager spoke to the legal department and they say they are only obliged to go back one year under the act........and I have to pay the £5 a statement......they seem very adamant. regards sandy
  9. yes I used the standard letter and it was the clydesdale bank in scotland regard sandy
  10. Hello Can anyone help? I wrote a letter to my bank as instructed to claim my bank charges back, they say that they can only give me one year, and if i want anymore I have to pay £5 a statement!!!!! Is this true and if so can I claim it back? regards sandy
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