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  1. Where i worked it only took a few minutes for the blood to come from the fridge to us which is why I said 4 hourly but certainly ,its aceptable to transfuse a unit in 3 1/2. In this case 2 units were infused between 5pm and 8.30pm
  2. sorry to be posting so quickly but I've just re- read your post- and had a thought , the coroner commented that acute pulmonary oedemia its often caused by transfussion overload- but what was the actual verdict as to the cause of death? If it was rulled natural causes then no wonder you cant get the records!! I dont know much about coroners but can you go from that end- is it possiable to have a new inquiry??
  3. I think you need to forget about these records they wont be found. And to be honest even if you do have it its prrobably not going to help you much. I have my dads chart solidly backing up my complaint but its not helping as much as you'd think it would..I think all you need to show that her care didnt meet the accepted standard and make that the basis of your arguement -that's not going to be difficult because its obvious from what you've said. Problem number one she was discharged when you were told she was going to be in another few weeks. Have you tried establishing the actual standars of care for her treatment-First you need to check on how long she should have stayed and,if it was early, did she met discharge standards? . NHS information site- not NHS direct - NICE and Uk patient care are very informative.Then if the standard of care that should have been followed wasnt thats the basis for your complaint of negligence. problem 2 the blood transfussion. Again find the standard of care Check and see how blood transfussion should have been done- the rules on vital sign checks, rate of administion( basicly fast loss fast replacement, chronic loss slow replacement ususally no less then 4 hours and wow 2 half hours is just to fast!!) . And to be honest, ishe suffered fluid overload and it wasnt treated , so it was pure negligence. if she was elderly or had chronic heart, lung or kidney problems that should have been a warning that she was at risk and given diruretics between units. Get hold of the GP notes if you suspect she had underlying problems. I supose what I am saying is you know something went wrong and someone needs to acept they were resposiable. Oh and in any meeting they will say they dont know what happened - because there isnt a chart- agree thats a problem because they cant prove they met the 'standards of care ' without it and let them do most of the talking its suprising what they say. Matron at my meeting not only 'dug a hole' but dropped the whole hospital, doctor and nursing staff right in it. .
  4. I had the same thing happen, I was issued a code 87 for an incorrect time card. So I wrote to the council denying a blue badge offense had occured and requesting a ticket for the 'proper' offense. My 87 was cancelled and I never heard anything else
  5. delighted its turning out well for her. good luck with the op.
  6. There should have been a paper stapled to the ticket stating what was actually wrong with the way the badge was displayed. At least thats what my council does.
  7. so how did they get around the proof you had?. its a pretty bad system isnt it when youve got no choice but to sue ?
  8. Sali - I've got a copy his chart and lets say there a lot of things in it that show that there were so many mistakes made. And, best of all, I've got e district nurses notes that are usually removed from the home after treatment and distroyed. The district nurse's were horrified at the condition he was sent home in and wrote it all down. there's photos of his wound, memeos they sent demanding an investigation into his dismissal condition, and actually state he recieved a poor discharge. So much stuff. Thats what I've contacted legal department about.
  9. When/if dad comes home again he's going to 24/7 hour care, for which I get the weekly grand payment of £53 carers allowance, which is taxable . Sali-this direct payment, he wont get it will he because he gets attendence allowance? And you sound as if you have tried the complaints procedure, did you get anywhere.?
  10. It happened because he insured online and never spoke to an actual broker!. He used a popular search site and entered he had a foreign licence and had been in the country 13 months and up came lots of quotes from very well known companies. He went with this particular broker and applied, again online, with the same details and that was it he was insured. When the policy came up for renewal he was told only to contact the insurance agent if there was a change in details - which there wasnt- so they continued the policy. they wont refund the money since the broker is 95% sure that the insurer would pay if there had been an accident !!
  11. Oh the sweet baby,she sounds as if shes doing very well, you must be thrilled. what a shame she was sick on sat instead of when her regular vet was there. But I would have thought he'd be more carefull over who covers for him,
  12. In this case it's a foreign one- USA- that can only be used for a year after you enter the UK. But my son didnt realise that and after he had been here over a year got him a car and applied for insurance. The agents at both the broker and insurance agencies all admit they knew foreign licences were only valid a year and cant explain why they insured him for nearly 2 years. So as the licence wasnt valid the insurance wasnt either. Needless to say they arnt returning the £2000 in premiums.
  13. Sorry I didn't realise you had seen the OPs insurance policy. Why would an insurance company pay out if he had no insurance and on what grounds could they get it back?? If he had no insurance they would wash their hands of him if they paid out they are admitting liability. Lets say he gave a kid brain damage and they paid out £1m how do you think they would expect to get it paid back? The insurance broker sounds as about clued up as you do I would change brokers if I were you This is a forum for people to express their thoughts, Green, sarcasm and personal attacks have no place here! I dont need to see the OPs insurance, it's obvious -the original post said he had a provisional licence so its a small step to assume he insured as a provisional driver. And I really dont know if this mans insurance would have paid if he had an accident. If he wants to tell me who they are I'll be glad to ask them for you. My post seemed clear to me, but obviously not- I was talking about what my son's broker said to him-my son -when he asked the broker what would have happened if he-my son - had an accident during the time the insurance companyinsured him-my son - on an invalid licence. I'd tell you why they pay third party claims but thats fully covered by earlier posting.
  14. thank you- I'm afraid it was a bit long, but what this family is going through made me so angry that once I started my reply I couldn't stop!!! I've seen a lot of negligence in my nursing career but this is one of the worse stories I've ever heard. And no one will take responsibility untill and this family make a big loud complaint. on friday i contacted the hospital legal department. In the USA, where I worked for many years, it was quite common for patients and families to 'bypass ' the complaints procedure and contact the hospital lawyers directly . My arguement is that it was the Trusts policies and lack back up procedures that were directly to blaim for what happened to dad. Cant wait for their response.
  15. glad she's home. But what a way to find out your vets an idiot!!
  16. This driver and his insurance company entered into a simple contract.Since he held a provisional licence he agreed he would drive under the terms of that licence- supervised. In return they agreed to insurehim..When he drove alone he broke his side of the contract-which invalidated the policy. so they dont have to pay up. My sons insurance agent said they might have paid third party if he had an accident but didnt have to and if they did would have got the money back from him.
  17. My son been driving here in the UK since 2007 on a foreign licence(USA) which he thought he could use indefinately- aparantly it was only valid till april 2008.in may 2008 he got a car and applied and was given insurance. then in may 2009 it was renewed. In november he finds out the licence isnt valid. FSA says the insurance wasnt valid either- and never has been. He's cancelled the policy payments and the insurance company is keeping all the premiums £2000 for the insurace that never was
  18. thanks for the tip-its a great idea,I'm going to get some to use on Jack.
  19. But she's recovering and thats the main thing. You vet didnt do a sugar? on a obviously sick diabetic dog- thats a bit careless isnt it?
  20. This is what I would ask her doctors 1) What exactly do you mean by 'probably untreatable'. Is she treatable or not. if not why not? 2) these tumors are fairly small- are they in an area where they could be removed? If one doctor wanted to operate, what's changed?.Why is surgery no longer an option 3) If surgerys not an option what about radiation therapy?. 4)if your mother is unconcious ask her doctors: Is it pressure from the tumors, if so have they tried drugs to relieve the pressure. Is it because she was deprived of oxygen during her last seizures. if so has she had any tests of brain function to determine the amount of damage. Is she on any medications that might be causing her to be non resonsive?( seditives maybe to stop seisures) 5) if shes responsive( you mention symptions of a stroke) why is she like this, will she recover, how much recovery do you expect should she be refered to a rehab unit or hospital? 6) if the doctor thinks she's terminal why does he say that. how long has she got should she be transfered to a hospice Be polite but firm, ask to talk to all the specialists on her case,- at least the neuroligist and neuro surgeon. To everything they say ask 'why is she like that ? ' why do you say/think that?' and' what can you do about it?' And take a notebook with you and write down what they sa . refere frequently to the the mismangement of the last 8 years and that some people have told you that it could possiably, just possiably be regarded as medicial negligence . Reasure them that you dont believe that of course, but it might be a good idea if someone else could review the case. Or does the doctor think she would benefit by being transfered to a specialist hospital?. Contact PALS and the hospital complaints department, explain the situation and mention negligence loudly and frequently. Oh and go to the CAB and they will either provide or advise you about legal aid and make sure that the people you are dealing with know you have a lawyer. You havent said how old your mum is. If shes elderly the doctors will try not to treat her. But age isnt a factor. My dads 87 years old and in the last 3 months- due to hospital neglence has had a bowel resection pnemonia and, a wound thats taken 13 weeks to heal. three months later he had another resection followed by two heart attacks, a colapsed lung and hes been resusitated twice- and hes comming home next week!!! Above all most take care of your own health, you getting sick isnt going to help anyone.
  21. When my cousin who is diabetic does this, a couple of hours can make a big difference.-talking people here but dogs cant be that different. Now its possiable she wasnt ketonic when the vet saw her this morning but being as she was vomiting and a diabetic they should have done more to prevent the ketosis- and my vet says even if jack dosent eat he needs a tiny bit of insulin.. I think they dropped the ball badlly and shouldnt make you pay for their mistake.
  22. + so sorry you must be frantic and you must feel so helpless.any idea whats causing it? But please call the vet if your at all worried. maybe he will admit her give her a drip and put something through it for her nausia.
  23. thanks so is there a possiability that the diabetis will come underr control if the cushings is treated? jacks sugars are all over the place right now! And so far he's had two tests - pituatory and adrenal both normal so if he has it its something called 'a typical cushings' which seems to be abnormal sex hormones- but Jack was neutered 5 year ago. Is you baby improving yet?
  24. Thanks thats good to know, but i didnt know diabetis and abnormal pancreatic emzymes were a sign of cushings. So maybe if he has the disease and its treated his diabetis may be easier to control- his sugars are wild.
  25. So busy running my mouth I missed out that - Van when you do sue them please keep posting and good luck. fran
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