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  1. Sorry, Yeah all the data was still on the laptop, all the did was replace the keyboard strip, and didn't replace it properly hence the keys sticking and the second repair being needed. Not sure if this is important but it's Hp and was only 6 months old when booked in for repair in November.
  2. I'm not sure where I stand or what I can do to be honest but anything is worth a try. PC World and the tech guys have messed me about a lot, my laptop was first booked in on the 11th of November. I was told by the tech guys team the issue I was having (Laptop wouldn't enter start up) was due to a hard drive problem and was made to pay for data recovery. Well i didn't have to but was told they would have to replace the hard drive and I would lose everything, I'm studying graphic design as you can tell my laptop and its data is extremely important to me. PC world took a week to recover the
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