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  1. Hiya, Good Afternoon all. I am looking for a copy of North Yorkshire Mortgages clauses and offer of advance 2004. Any one know where I can get a copy? Thank you very much
  2. Yes, had a similar situation. as long as she agrees a payment arrangement with them, they shouldnt really rock the boat.
  3. Hey Pepe. I recieved a whole train load of documents and guess what? From day 1 (2006), it looks like my mortgages have never ever been with Rooftop mortgages. The mind boggles. How about you? any findings on your boat load of information received?
  4. according to what I understand, you should spend some time going through the statement and highlighting and adding up what you believe should be refunded to you ie late payment charges, management charges, where you feel interest rates werent passed on. I have been advised that its anything you feel. They will be on your statements. Also question the legality of the mortgage since RoofT's gone bust. You need to enquire why u werent informed and who are the Recievers and why you have not been contacted. When a company is no longer trading, they have to tell companies house, then the company goes on the London Gazette to be taken of the list of registered companies. You will see that they are still on Companies House and you wanna know why? Also ask which servicer is managing your mortgage, whether its Farringdon Mortgages, Crown Mortgage Management or who? Who owns the mortgage. This should be very interesting. I am not paying a penny more till they ansa all my questions. Not had my documents yet, but I wait with great anticipation.
  5. Did you manage to find out what date Rooftop Mortgages ceased trading?
  6. Hi She said it was a SAR that was sent by her solicitor. Her account is held with Crown Mortgage Management.
  7. apparently her solicitor did it for her. bet she recognises the SAR and reckons you will need to find evidence of who owns your mortgage and who is collecting your money since Roof T officially went bust in Oct 2004. She says that any mortgage produced afteri ths date is illigal since they closed then and the FSA put up a public notice that they could not hold client moniesl. A lot has gone on since 2009 so she said we would need to find the most up to date information and that will set the presidence to act. My props are in the Mids and I could not see mine on the FM list.
  8. Hiya Still waiting for her to get back to me.
  9. Hi Have you had any news on where to find who is holding what property? I have 4 accounts with Rooftop and it is only this weekend that a long time mate of mine posed certain questions to them and she has not paid a single mortgage payment since the back end of 2008 and still has the property at her disposal. She has advised me that Rooftop should not be collecting any money and if we are still paying to them, who is really collecting our monies?
  10. Can we not do something about this? Surely we cannot sit back and let them do this to us again after bailing them out so many times?
  11. They sent a letter a month before, but I had no Idea I could challenge it. Standing up for myself is something I was never able to do but that has changed from today.
  12. Interest rates remain at 0.50% and banks such as Halifax and others have increased repayments as of this month. How can this be allowed?
  13. can your property be put into recievership because of charges?
  14. can your property be put into recievership because of charges?
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