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  1. meeting went okish I identified two charges one an interest charge of 915 and an arrangement fee of 750. What are these for? I asked. I don't know I'll send a message to head office and ask them. he said. I don't get it how can charges be on an account and he doesn't know why or what for? I think I'll follow it up with a letter formally asking for an explanation. Does anyone know of anyone who can look at statements and say yes thats fair or no it isn't or is that to simple? Thanks
  2. Hello I run a ltd company we have an agreed overdraft of 70,000, which we pay around £230 a month interest on. Out of the blue an unexpected charge of 915 has been applied taking us over the overdraft limit incuring charges etc. Phoned the bank manager who fobbed me off. I've got a meeting with him at 2.00 today. Any ideas anyone? I realise before 2 is asking!
  3. No I sent it first class, but yes I should have sent recorded hindsight and all that.......
  4. Thanks for reply, it's a warrant from county court following CCJ nothing to do with parking.Thanks
  5. I have been issued with a Warrant of Execution I need to pay by 29th or Bailifs come calling. I've entered a N245 today by first class post. Will this stop Bailiffs calling while it's being considered or will they call anyway? The sum involved is £390. Thank you
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