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  1. And yes they did refuse payment in writing, should I take that further and complain, do they have some sort of ombudsman?
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will make a payment today and also write to them. I point blank refuse to let anyone levy my goods so as far as I can see the bailiff has refused a reasonable offer of payment and I shall only deal with the council now.
  3. Hi Outlawla No I've paid a payment yet as I didn't want to start paying the council if they weren't going to accept the payments. I will write another letter today quoting the case and wait for the reply. I just to get this sorted now
  4. Quick update The council have refused to take any payments for the above debt? I'm pretty fed up of having the curtains closed and having to park my car so far away. I have wrote to the bailiffs and stated that I would pay £50 a month, I also enclosed a copy of my vehicle lease so they are aware they can't levy that. They wrote back saying they can only accept an arrangement if the bailiff is permitted to levy goods at my property. Obviously I don't want them anywhere near my house but at this point I see little option. I want to get this over and done with now and set up a payment arrangement but without having my goods levied?
  5. Hey guys, here's an update. I wrote to the council saying I would only pay them and not the balif. I said I would pay via electronic transfer. They wrote back saying they would not accept my payment and any payments made would be put against this years bil. I also wrote to the balif stating I would only pay the council, they wrote back saying action would only stop if the council told them to. The bailiff has not been back round and I'm unsure of what to do next. Any advice would really be appreciated.
  6. I'll get the letter off to the council today. Should I also write to the ballifff saying I won't deal with them but will be paying the council direct.
  7. Ok thank you. Do you have any idea of how many times a ballifff will visit, is it just twice?
  8. Thanks for the info so far, I will get straight onto the council tomorrow. I will also state that I won't be dealing with the bailiffs and will only deal with the council. I will set up a standing order to the council and inform them of this too. Still slightly concerned about the vehicle situation. Is my girlfriends car in danger, we can always park it in the garage if that changes matters. My vehicle is leased so should be safe I believe?
  9. Hi, I had a bailiff visit my house today for unpaid council tax. The firm was Ross and Roberts LTD. We missed the call but a letter was posted through the door charging me £24.50 for the visit. I've read through a few threads and am I right in thinking not to let them in or even deal direct with them. I've seen it advised to start making payments online to the council and to write to them stating I will not deal with a bailiff only them. All doors and windows are now looked down. We have two vehicles, my girlfriend (she is not named on the letter or bill and my leased van for work. Am I correct in thinking they can't touch either of these vehicles? Any advice on how to handle this will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi everyone Hope you all had a good christmas, I'm having a dispute with an online seller and would like some advice as to how to procedd, at this point i only really see the small claims court as a viable option. Here's the saga so far. Just as some background, i am a former member here and succesfully retrieved my bank charges and ppi, unfortunately i used an old e mail previously hence the new account. On 08/12/09 I requested a quote from B2 fitness for 10 pairs of focus pads, 10 pairs of boxing gloves and 10 pairs of thai arm pads. On the 09/12/09 B2 Fitness sent me a Paypal invoice for £465.00, stating the amount requested was for 10 pairs of focus pads, 10 pairs of boxing gloves and 10 pairs of thai arm pads. I even confirmed with them again that this was correct. I was told it was correct. I paid B2 Fitness £465.000 through Paypal on the 10/12/09. I received the thai arm pads on the 24/12/09, however I only received 5 pairs not ten as paid for and requested. I contacted B2 Fitness who informed me that the invoice was a mistake and these pads were sold individually and not as pairs. I explained that I had paid the invoice in good faith and expected to receive what I had ordered at the price we agreed upon.I did not purchase these items through B2 fitness's web site or e bay store, I simply asked for a quote for the 10 pairs of focus pads, 10 pairs of boxing gloves and 10 pairs of thai arm pads, and paid the agreed price through Paypal. At no point did B2 fitness give me a price break down of my order, only a set price for a bulk order. B2 Fitness always throughout our e mails referred to pairs of Thai arm pads, and stated pairs on the invoice. I therefore expect to receive the correct amount of equipment I paid for.B2 have refused to send me the remaining part of my order and I am now requesting a refund of £175 so I can purchase the remaining amount of pads elsewhere. My preferred option would be for B2 to honour this order and invoice.B2 Fitness have now responded and refused my request for a refund. Payapl have also refused to look at this case as because I recieved some of the order it falls under not as described and can't be enforced by them. Any advice would be great.
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