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  1. No I am talking about the distance between your car and the advertising board on the pavement, that is less than a meter. In addition on further reading of the legislation regarding the zig zags, it seems you may not be in the clear after all. The carriageway being defined as the area which is used as for the passage of vehicles (in public areas) means you are stopped in the area which can be used by invalid carriages & street sweepers (both fit the definition of vehicles).
  2. Justice? What about the wheelchair user which cannot pass because of your ignorant abandonment? What about the parent with the twin buggy? (yes I have twins). If you are delivering to shops in a family vehicle then I doubt the items being delivered are of suitable weight that would prohibit you from parking in a more considerate manner a few yards past the zig zags. However you have chose to block a pavement (and looking at your pics there is not 1 m of clearence left for others to pass) to save you walking that extra few yards. You asked a question, got the answer you were looking for, however people made referance to the state (yes state) of your parking. There is no need to then accuse them of being in the employ of councils etc. Whilst I abhore parking charges which are unfair and revenue raising, in the case of your example of parking all it does is justify the councils position in parking enforcement.
  3. Agree with Jamberson, whilst the parking is particularly bad IMO the warden has done you a favour by issuing the wrong contavention code.
  4. torres, any sympathy you may have had for the first instance was lost when you were again caught drink driving whilst already disqualified. Then to further compound peoples thoughts of your actions you seem to be indicating that you will withhold the information about your 2 bans from the insurance companies..... Don't worry, most companies will not quote you high prices, most will quite rightly refuse to cover you...
  5. kwaks

    Driving Ban

    Its simple, the ban is from the date of conviction. He will be fine to apply now.
  6. His licence may also have been revoked if he did not submit it for points to be added, although both in this case and in the case of a ban I would still expect the DVLA to have some sort of record. You say he passed his test a long time ago, how long ago is it as they may have missed his details in updating his records. Where is his copy of the driving licence?
  7. I see this is incompetance rather than fraud, and numerous dealings with the DVLA over the last couple months reinforce my conclusions. Part of the problem here is that the DVLA are under the impression that they are able to make up the rules and laws under which they pertain to be acting, and stick to that story regardless. IF you have posted the relevent paperwork to the DVLA at the correct time, then you have absolved yourself of any responsibilty. If the DVLA has subsequently lost your paperwork, that is their problem. They will try to state that you are still liable as you never recieved a letter confirming the change of ownership etc, however as they state you will recieve this letter AFTER 28 days with no upper time limit on it then they can whistle in the wind. All the legislation you need to know is contained in Section 7 Interpretations act 1978 (IA78), and if you wish to see info on this being used against a SORN case then read this link Bike Chat Forums : DVLA are really starting to hate me now.
  8. My tuppence, I think the seller was more than fair in offering the clutch kit, and if a garage is asking £200 to fit it then its time to find a new garage. The clutch burning out after 4 weeks does not indicate a fault at POS, it is a consumable item and therefor can go at any time, quick possibly due to the driving style of a diabetic 64 yr old father in law who is unfamiliar with the vehicle (side note, not sure what the diabetic thing has to do with anything, can diabetics not do the things non diabetics can? Is it a symptom of diabetes that makes them all drive as if Miss Daisey is in the car?). The car cost £500, it was MOT'd one month before. You can't expect it to last like a new vehicle. Seems to me you paid for a fixer upper and thats what you got.
  9. Now you simply do not know that. You were not privy to the conversation between your father and the salesman, you do not know what info the salesman made his reccomendation on. If your father has low useage of the vehicle it may have simply been put to him to use the 5 yr HP option (lower payments or better model) with the benefit that he owns the car outright at the end, allowing him to sell or pass it on and restarting a new agreement. In many cases this CAN be the best option, as the costs in maintining the vehicle are more than recovered in the sale price after 5 yrs. Could be his annual mileage is over 15k, in which case the HP option is the best. Not good to go around accusing the salesman of misselling when it is patently obvious you do not have all the facts or are even aware of the options and rules of the motability scheme.
  10. Because put simply they probably are not relevent to you. I can't see how you couldn't have known you were falsifying the paperwork, albeit under instruction from your manager. I might be tempted to just be completely honest with them and help them with their enquiries. If they can see you did this out of ignorance or a misplaced sense of duty/loyalty rather than for gain etc they may take pity. However you do need to give them some thing to help, potentially a lack of training in the procedures?
  11. Why was the accident form not completed before you left the site? That would be standard practice. TBH the most surprising thing to me (I work in a very safety concious industry due to Piper Alpha) was that after the first incident with the nail no investigation was carried out for a near miss, which would undoubtly have lead to the PPE being replaced with more suitable (I assume your PPE includes boots? If not why not?). TBH it sounds to me that the plant may have a cavalier attitude to health and safety. As for him letting you go, as agency he can do so at any time for any reason.
  12. As others have said the easiest course of action. and the correct course is to simply ignore all communication from them and the subsequent communications from people pertuding to be a solicitors firm. It is an invoice pure and simple. In addition feel absolutely free to report these parasites to the relevent authorities for smoking in a works vehicle, and hopefully they will recieve a legitimate ticket and subsequent fine.
  13. Small claims court, HMRC & Trading Standards look the best routes, in addition to ebay copying his ebay feedback to see how many cars he has sold.
  14. Seeing as they are asking for payment of an invoice then I would look at it as a sales call. TPS complaint.
  15. I would think it would depend on the level of sick pay, they can't pay out if it leads to betterment.
  16. As Mossycat says look for adverts showing similar vehicles and condition and compare the prices. If it would cost you more than what they are offering to replace your car than the settlement figure then you reject that offer as too low and provide evidence (the adverts). As you have now been without your vehicle for over 30 days how are you getting about? Has a hire car been given to you? Have you kept receipts for out of pocket expenses due to the ongoing claim?
  17. In the meantime try to get a copy of the assessors report on the reason why the engine seized. Sadly it looks like this one is heading the way of mechanical failure, have you been in touch with the dealer you bought it from?
  18. Initially complain to Hastings, sounds like Leapfrog have refused and Hastings might not even be aware of this.
  19. GameSpot Forums - Sony PlayStation 3 - SONY won't replace my PS3 Seems like Sony may have tried this "tampered Sticker" get out before Be diplomatic but insistant, at the end of the day if you hit a brick wall there is plenty of evidence out there that precedents exist.
  20. This is a very common thing, more common than you think. It is a civil matter and the Police will not get involved again. The key here being you made an offer to pay. However lets look at what probably happened before getting too steamed up about it. Cashier mistakenly does not add the fuel to the total sale. Cashier realises their mistake and is faced with the prospect of having his wages docked. Cashier decides to declare it a "drive off" in order to save disciplinary/deduction. Now the Police SHOULD have looked at the tape before visiting you, as should the supervisor/manager. However up to that point they were probably taking the word of the cashier and believing you had made a genuine error. Lesson to learn? Check the amount before entering your pin, might not be in your favour next time.
  21. Edit: In addition your house insurance will not pay the inflated repair cost should you need to claim, which means a new unit either way.
  22. In their email to you they have admitted the damage could have been done at any point with delayed effects. The lack of damage to the exterior would certainly suggest it happened before the unit was completed on the assembly line. Bit of a gaff to put that in their email, however should work in your favour.
  23. If memory serves me correctly the sticker says warranty void if removed. Being tampered with suggests it may have been damaged through friction or when you unpacked/packed the console. At this stage be nice to them, point out that they can tell the console has never been opened by looking at the screws etc. You don't mention what the fault is....
  24. Was the sticker removed? Where did you purchase the console from?Was it new/secondhand?
  25. Ok Ali, stop worrying, Sony have already stated to you that "saying that the damage coulld have happened and the fault not appear at the time of damage, but at a later date". My reply would simply highlight that line and point out that the damage was most probably in transit from manufacturer to retailer, unless they can prove otherwise you expect a replacement by return post.
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