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  1. Those that advised you previously were correct. Keep following their advice.
  2. The majority of the PPC cases which see the inside of a courtroom and the defendant losing is simply down to them being stooges, Perky pops his head up every time a stooge takes the fall
  3. Explain slowly and carefull yto your sister that the more often she aknowledges these jokers then the more empty threats she will recieve, Point her to here, pepipoo or MSE to read some threads and she might just believe you. Then ignore ignore ignore
  4. I am going to assume by the location this is off street parking, possibly that will answer Jambersons' question if you were observed driving in then leaving the sight. [EDIT] TheBogsDollocks is correct and should be enough to fight it off at adjudication, however for belt and braces I would also obtain a copy of the PPO and look for any mistakes there.
  5. Can't improve on that advice, if the mechanic was test driving your car then he should have been covered by his own insurance, not yours. He committed an offence if he wasnt
  6. As a matter of interest, did they do you for the insurance or the licence? I would suspect the licence as proving the insurance would be trickier.
  7. You will need to post all of the ticket, the back is just as important.
  8. As someone who is trying to play devils advocate with this (although notonthezigzags did seem to take exception at one point) and having declared in post 18 that I believed the contravention code was incorrect, I would like to amend my position on further examination of the pictures. It is clear to me from the photographic evidence that the wing mirror of the car clearly crosses the zig zags and hence the contravention code is correct
  9. If the system allowed you access to this information with your current access levels, and you were not abusing the information (on the contrary it was to help the subject) then I fail to see what grounds they have dismissed on. I guess you are not in a Union?
  10. It is possible to obtain a v5 after purchase......however, did you do the HPI check on a registration? Pretty easy to swipe a plate off a similar scooter or order a new plate from ebay for £8.50 no questions asked. You need to check the vin. Personally I would stay clear.
  11. This is the DVLA remember, I very much doubt they know how it works or have put much effort into trying anything:lol: This is the agency which believes it can write its own laws, ignore other laws which do not suit it and when presented with a licence in full to change a picture or address can proceed to remove entitlements and add on others with no recourse. Remember they are always right even when they are wrong. In my experience if you want the DVLA to do something you have to talk them through it step by step. Common sense is lost in that part of Swansea in the preferance to follow "procedure" or practise.
  12. Yellow lines apply to the highway, which includes the carriageway & footway. Point being in the abscence of anything to the contrary I can see why the council believe this would apply to the zig zags. If the zig zags apply to everywhere which has vehicular access then the footway does have vehicular access, albeit limited to type.
  13. Yet you plan on making more mistakes........not the sharpest knife in the block are you?
  14. There are some vehicles which have a right of passage over pavements, such as streetsweepers and invalid carriages. Both qualify as vehicles under the definition, as such taking the definition literally prams also qualify as vehicles (given that bicycles qualify).
  15. Except 2 x Drink Driving, 1 x Driving whilst disqualified. Now you want to add Fraud & Uninsured driving to the mix. There is no-one in this country who NEEDS to drive. The offences you have committed and plan to commit are amongst the most serious driving offences there are. You will get no sympathy or empathy from any one with the slightest inkling of morality.
  16. Whoa Mossy, he may only have third party cover but he may still have legal expenses. I know for one I would not pay out to reclaim or do any running about to get it sorted. Report to your insurance, check status of legal expenses. If you have them kindly ask them to sort this out for you.
  17. kwaks

    Driving Ban

    No probs Signaller, wish him luck in his lessons.
  18. Pay it off and the credit report will show it as such, however will still show the defaults leading to the settlement. Better than the currrent situation. If you are looking to improve your credit rating for a specific reason then you need to also look at the other things mentioned. If you have an unused overdraft & multiple cards with a zero balance this can work against you. If you don't need the overdraft of that size then reduce it, if you don't need multiple cards then cancel some. At the moment lenders would see you as potentially running up that 6k available debt without any further credit checks being done.
  19. No we don't, and as such I think repeated accusations wihout evidence either way are too much. Whilst I understand the OP might feel this way, and in his anger is ready to accuse, I feel this is doing him (and others) a disservice. If the OP wants out of the finance agreement then it would suit him better to look at the agreement and understand it rather than assume it was missold. I am not a salesman of any sort (although used to be albeit not cars) and it infuriates me when the salesman is blamed 100%. As I have said, without at least circumstantial evidence to show that the owner of the vehicle would have been better on contract hire and this could have been determined at POS then the salesman has no case to answer. IF it is simply a case of the OP wants out the finance, he would be better served looking at his options with that rather than accusing the salesman of any misdoings, at the end of the day this salesman might be the one who can help him.
  20. Have they searched by driv lic number, remember 4 letters from first name then dob in the format y/mm/dd/y so if born 01/02/70 would be called smith would be smit702010.... If they can search on part numbers might help.
  21. OP has accused the saleman on five occasions of illegal/questionable practice despite not having all the facts to hand and not being privy to a conversation a year previous.
  22. May be so, and dboxking may be under that impression, however to slate off the salsman in almost every post when the salesman DOES know about the mobility scheme, the salesman has more to gain by the contract hire (replaced every 3 yrs rather than 5 in this case) is completely uncalled for. From what I have seen so far there is nothing to say his father was misled, and so critising a salesman is unfair to the man who might have been doing his father a favour.
  23. Sooooo, go back to the court and point out the mistake, and this time don't stand there while they pass sentance without opening your mouth if it is incorrect.
  24. parking restrictions are not limited to the metalled carriageway itself. A restriction incorporates the width of the public highway from the centre of the carriageway to the building line of property or adjacent land. ‘Road’ is defined in section 142 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as ‘…any length of highway or of any other road to which the public has access…’. ‘Highway’ is not defined in the 1984 Act but at common law it is a way over which all members of the public have a right to pass and re-pass. A highway therefore includes a footpath over which the public right of passage is on foot. From NPAS report 2005
  25. The information is the same as Jam gave in the first page, however it seems everyone jumped on the definition of vehicles to be cars/lorries et al, without considering those vehicles which ARE permitted on to the pavement. I can also confirm Michael is correct with the DYL.
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