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  1. Hi Daniella, Good to hear from you. apologies for delay but been away. Nothing concrete as yet from Lowell who are now the account owners, lots of threats but no LBA. However, as you mentioned a few years ago; there is something strange about these agreements!
  2. It could possibly be the CPUTR letter....although I understand they are under no obligation to answer it!
  3. Hello Dotty / Sunflower, good to hear from you! Card commenced March 2006 with last payment / acknowledgement November 2009. Amount is just over 5K. Someone looked at it on another forum some time ago and said it has all the prescribed terms, both signatures, T & C's etc so is enforceable. Nothing else to query as DN, assignment to Lowell all seems to be in order. However, when you look at the copy agreement is is clearly pulled together with columns and boxes out of alignment, tiny print etc. I think I'll respond with a letter to Lowell telling them they are welcome to try but the agreement is clearly not a true copy.
  4. Well, here's a blast from the past! All very quiet on this until a few months ago when Lowell advised they have purchased the a/c from Cap One. Since then, almost twice weekly letters from Lowell, each one escalating the threat level! This agreement appears to be enforceable although the copy obtained from Cap One early 2010 looks to be hacked together - alignment all wrong, columns off centre etc. Received exactly the same copy from Lowell following a CCA request a few weeks ago. Just wondered if anyone has had any success recently in challenging one of these agreements, ideally I would like to keep Lowell at bay until November 2015 when this becomes SB.
  5. Hi Jedicris, any updates or developments on this? I'm just about to hit Homeserve with a substantial claim.
  6. Hope you don't mind me jumping in on your thread, We have two policies with Homeserve: 1. Water supply pipe cover 2. Plumbing & drainage, both running for over 6 years. The salesman told my wife they were necessary and paperwork came on Anglian Water headed paper (sounds official as Anglian are our provider) Premiums already paid over the years must be nearly £2000! Not sure if a SAR is worth sending if they are not including phone call info. This is obviously an organised [problem] between certain water companies and Homeserve.
  7. Thanks, I sure they would charge for any info. The dormant company has never traded and has no assets, issued shares £2. I'm not interested in keeping it as I use another company for my business, I could always tell them to take a hike!
  8. Does anyone know if business a/c charges can be reclaimed? There appears to be no definitive info on this.
  9. Evening all, largely the same question as a number of other posters. I have a dormant limited company with a Barclays business a/c. the account was in credit (around £100) and I received statements once every 6 months. Over the past 12 months statements arrive virtually every few weeks and guess what? the account is O/D by £850. Not bad considering there has never been a transaction? Barclays advise as the a/c is unused it will be closed end November. Can I reclaim? Or should I SAR them firstly to fully establish charges? Seems to be a grey area!
  10. 30 seconds Boo? extremely generous....are you feeling particularly mellow this evening?
  11. I can't open your photobucket image but seem to recall a number of us had similar Cap One agreements from 2005 - 2006. Mine is a clear cut & paste...with signature, probably from an application form. I'm not sure what the policy here is on challenging agreements, however Andy in the CAG legal section has successfully seen off creditors/DCA's on a number of occasions via this route. You could always send them a CPUTR request, that should flush them out as they have to be careful how they respond.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have logged complaints with Comreg (Regulator in Ireland) and Phonepayplus here in UK. No response from Phonepay as yet but a very quick response from Comreg advising that premium numbers in Ireland usually start with 5, the number used in my case is 60699 so it may well be from their UK operation. Thanks Bang, your letter may well be used! Email just arrived from Zamano offering refund (not sure I believe them)....Orange have been worse than useless! Seems like a good business model - there must be thousands of people receiving these texts who simply don't bother as they have company phones etc.
  13. Thanks Martin, yes, received a number of random unsolicited texts charged at £2 each. Apparently I am unable to use the s### word on here! I have just registered a complaint with comreg in Ireland, will let you know what happens.
  14. Morning everyone, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I've just been scammed. I received a large number of unsolicited texts on a rarely used mobile from 60699 (Zamano PLC) based in Dublin. I noticed about £35 extra on a usually very small monthly bill. Orange, my service provider were completely useless and downright uncoperative. I have complained to Zamano but received the usual bland response. Any ideas on which regulator I should contact, or indeed anything else would be most welcome.
  15. Two very relevant pieces of advice: 1. From dx100uk: phone your bank NOW and do a chargeback on that payment. http://whatconsumer.co.uk/visa-debit-chargeback/ 2. From Bang: If they come back again, tell them to F... O.. and close the door For now just concentrate on yourself and your little boy, once you have settled down you could consider providing more information and people on here will help you to deal with the account. As for me....I'd like to gently introduce myself to the moron who banged on your door!
  16. Hello, unfortunately you have been bullied and intimidated into paying a non priority debt. The doorstep idiot receives 20% - 30% of the sum you paid as commission. If anyone calls again give them 5 seconds to leave before you call the police! You are a lady with a new baby at a difficult time and should not be easy prey to these parasites! Follow Halibitt's advice re letter - also resolve the debit card issue asap. If Bazooka Boo was available here now he would provide you with a list of essentials that should be paid before this debt. These would include hair salon, nail salon, new handbag, holidays, entertainment, night out, wine, etc etc etc. Good luck with your new arrival and do not ever pay another cent to these morons!
  17. It sounds as you have both entered into a mutually fulfilling dialogue, but the short answer is don't communicate with collectors, simply tell the odious little creep to eff off - he may just about understand that!
  18. Excellent caledfwlch, well done! My approach is absolute zero tolerence and I believe everyone should respond in a similar manner in dealing with these so called collectors. Some idiot on here last year was trying to convince me they are just doing their job! The name of the game these collectors employ is low grade intimidation, if that doesn't work then they have nothing. The original poster should lodge a complaint with trading standards. I suspect once their bluster has evaporated the OP will hear no more.
  19. Most of the posters are here as a result of reduced circumstances, loss of income, matrimonial issues, business failure etc. I detect very few who are avoiders although I'm sure they exist. In my own case I made a couple of payment offers in writing to an OC - never received a response. Now that the account has been sold to a debt purchaser I will simply rely on the exact same legislation to defend myself that the debt buyer will use to pursue me.....not avoidance in my opinion.
  20. Received yet another letter from Lowell yesterday informing me Red Collections may issue a statutory demand! A brief question, I seem to have not received a termination notice at any time from BC, is this an issue? I assume the fact that the account has been sold proof of termination! Lowell claim they have purchased this account from Barclaycard, they advised via a dodgy looking assignment letter on BC headed paper. I will send a SAR to BC shortly in any event but would appreciate any advice on the termination issue.
  21. A very coherent, balanced and positive approach to the problem by sequenci. However, I can also understand Fred's position on this. Most of us are programmed to respond politely to initial contact, either by phone or someone approaching you in the street. However, if you have been subjected to continual harassment and abuse by DCA's then frankly you should deal with it in any way that suits your general demeanor. In my case I have been receiving numerous threat letters, texts and silent calls from mobile numbers traced back to Lowell on a Morgan Stanley Barclaycard. On the 5th call in 20 minutes yesterday morning someone finally spoke asking for me. I asked if they were from the useless bunch of imbeciles making continual silent calls. Answer: we might be! we need to go through security. I said let me ask my own security question first, what is the combined IQ of all the threat monkeys in your office? to make it easier for you the answer is between 1 - 9. They terminated the call and so far no further calls. Childish I know but a satisfactory outcome. I much prefer caledfwlch's approach, despite the time spent watching rugby matches on Welsh Channel S4C I'm not quite ready to communicate in writing, although I do know what offside is!
  22. Morning all, well, I received the ultimate threat a few days ago from Lowells. Their letter stated in bold " this is what you face if you do not contact us. We will pass your account over to Red Debt Collection " Idiots! In addition to the texts, I am also receiving a large number of silent calls from mobile numbers all traced back to Lowell. I may be able to turn this idiotic behaviour to my advantage. I think as a start I'll contact their local Trading Standards office & OFT unless anyone has any other ideas?
  23. You could let them know that you can guarantee he will investigate your doorstep, because his nose will be pressed against it! They really are idiots!
  24. Hi sillygirl, I became a valued client of Nelson Guest for a brief period, unfortunately our relationship failed to blossom further as I told them to feck off! Midas Legal are another bunch of clowns who would like you to believe the word legal in their name conveys some authority.....its all a game of bluff.
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