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  1. Hi Daniella, Good to hear from you. apologies for delay but been away. Nothing concrete as yet from Lowell who are now the account owners, lots of threats but no LBA. However, as you mentioned a few years ago; there is something strange about these agreements!
  2. It could possibly be the CPUTR letter....although I understand they are under no obligation to answer it!
  3. Hello Dotty / Sunflower, good to hear from you! Card commenced March 2006 with last payment / acknowledgement November 2009. Amount is just over 5K. Someone looked at it on another forum some time ago and said it has all the prescribed terms, both signatures, T & C's etc so is enforceable. Nothing else to query as DN, assignment to Lowell all seems to be in order. However, when you look at the copy agreement is is clearly pulled together with columns and boxes out of alignment, tiny print etc. I think I'll respond with a letter to Lowell telling them they are welcome to try
  4. Well, here's a blast from the past! All very quiet on this until a few months ago when Lowell advised they have purchased the a/c from Cap One. Since then, almost twice weekly letters from Lowell, each one escalating the threat level! This agreement appears to be enforceable although the copy obtained from Cap One early 2010 looks to be hacked together - alignment all wrong, columns off centre etc. Received exactly the same copy from Lowell following a CCA request a few weeks ago. Just wondered if anyone has had any success recently in challenging one of these agreements, id
  5. Hi Jedicris, any updates or developments on this? I'm just about to hit Homeserve with a substantial claim.
  6. Hope you don't mind me jumping in on your thread, We have two policies with Homeserve: 1. Water supply pipe cover 2. Plumbing & drainage, both running for over 6 years. The salesman told my wife they were necessary and paperwork came on Anglian Water headed paper (sounds official as Anglian are our provider) Premiums already paid over the years must be nearly £2000! Not sure if a SAR is worth sending if they are not including phone call info. This is obviously an organised [problem] between certain water companies and Homeserve.
  7. Thanks, I sure they would charge for any info. The dormant company has never traded and has no assets, issued shares £2. I'm not interested in keeping it as I use another company for my business, I could always tell them to take a hike!
  8. Does anyone know if business a/c charges can be reclaimed? There appears to be no definitive info on this.
  9. Evening all, largely the same question as a number of other posters. I have a dormant limited company with a Barclays business a/c. the account was in credit (around £100) and I received statements once every 6 months. Over the past 12 months statements arrive virtually every few weeks and guess what? the account is O/D by £850. Not bad considering there has never been a transaction? Barclays advise as the a/c is unused it will be closed end November. Can I reclaim? Or should I SAR them firstly to fully establish charges? Seems to be a grey area!
  10. 30 seconds Boo? extremely generous....are you feeling particularly mellow this evening?
  11. I can't open your photobucket image but seem to recall a number of us had similar Cap One agreements from 2005 - 2006. Mine is a clear cut & paste...with signature, probably from an application form. I'm not sure what the policy here is on challenging agreements, however Andy in the CAG legal section has successfully seen off creditors/DCA's on a number of occasions via this route. You could always send them a CPUTR request, that should flush them out as they have to be careful how they respond.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have logged complaints with Comreg (Regulator in Ireland) and Phonepayplus here in UK. No response from Phonepay as yet but a very quick response from Comreg advising that premium numbers in Ireland usually start with 5, the number used in my case is 60699 so it may well be from their UK operation. Thanks Bang, your letter may well be used! Email just arrived from Zamano offering refund (not sure I believe them)....Orange have been worse than useless! Seems like a good business model - there must be thousands of people receiving these text
  13. Thanks Martin, yes, received a number of random unsolicited texts charged at £2 each. Apparently I am unable to use the s### word on here! I have just registered a complaint with comreg in Ireland, will let you know what happens.
  14. Morning everyone, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I've just been scammed. I received a large number of unsolicited texts on a rarely used mobile from 60699 (Zamano PLC) based in Dublin. I noticed about £35 extra on a usually very small monthly bill. Orange, my service provider were completely useless and downright uncoperative. I have complained to Zamano but received the usual bland response. Any ideas on which regulator I should contact, or indeed anything else would be most welcome.
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