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  1. Hello all, my OH is in a somewhat of a predicament... Basically she opened her pay slip on Tuesday to find she had been overpaid by about £1200 Prior to this she had no notice of any up and coming pay rises so thought this was a mistake. She proceeded to phone the HR/Payroll department of her employer (a local authority) who assured her that there was no mistake and she had been subject to a back-dated pay and grading review. Now after the luck we have had she couldn't believe this and spoke to two other people in the same department who said the same.... All was well until she
  2. Evening all, I have got myself into a spot of bother with Payday loans. To cut a very long story short I have cancelled my bank card and started to set-up repayment plans with each loan company. Most are responding in one way or another except one who has debited my account to its maximum overdraft limit of £2k using my old card details and ‘continuous payment authority.’ They have got more funds pending and once my account has actually gone over its limit (tomorrow I would imagine) the dreaded £5 per day charges are going to start racking up L I have spoken to head office and been i
  3. Thanks for your advice Joise8. Is there any written law I can 'show' my card issuer because if my last meeting with the Halifax is anything to go by they will just take the stance of "you took out the loan and signed the t & c's so you should pay it back." If I put it in writing does that mean they must cancel the CPA with no exceptions? Thanks
  4. Right then, a quick update for you all (and it isn’t good news)... I cancelled my card prior to payday and contacted all of my loan providers by email to inform them that I wanted to set-up repayment plans. Some have accepted, others have been awkward and Payday Express have ignored me L I have one more due to default (Wonga) on about the 17th of September. All was well until today when I noticed a £100 transaction on my account. On phoning the bank I have learned that it has come from Payday Express on my old card number. To make matters worse there is another £100 pay
  5. Thanks folks, youre making me feel stacks better. Jellycubes, what sort of card did you have. I've got a Visa debit and I've heard they can link these back through I know the chances are slim but I need to prepare for the worst. Cheers, Dan
  6. Thats just the kind of story I want to hear at the moment tequilla78... I'm just in the process of tackling my payday loans head on and I'm much more relieved for doing so. The only thing that is worrying me is the payday loans getting access to my bank account... They are set to leave my account tomorrow and although i've cancelled my card i've head they can still get to your money! Please please please can someone set me straight about who does this and who doesnt. I really dont want to wake up and find my months bill paying money etc has gone. Which payday loan sharks have done this
  7. Cornetgirl, you don't realise how relieved that makes me feel... My loans are with quick quid, wage day advance, wonga, payday express and lending stream. Although what you say doesn't mean my funds are definately safe it does make me feel alot better. Getting a new account is going to be a pain in the bum for a bit but I have started drawing out all of the cash I will need for the month and I will get all of my bills paid on Tuesday morning. Does anyone here have experience with the above loan companies and cancelling cards on them. Have any of them succeeded in getting past card cancellati
  8. Right then folks, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have currently got another thread on the go about getting hold of my situation. I've sent an email to all of the said lenders and cancelled (lost or stolen) my card. Does this work? I've come across some real horror stories about cancelled cards being used and I really can't afford for this to happen. It would be really helpful if everyone who has cancelled a card for it to go well posts up details on here including which loan providers you were with. The same goes for the horror stories. It's too late for me now anyway as its d-day on the 31s
  9. Thanks for the advice guys- I cant tell you how much I appreciate it! I've just finished drafting a letter to send out tomorrow- I default on most of my loans Tuesday so I will keep you posted on their responses. I will keep reiterating my offer and have basically told them that it is the most I can and will pay... Although I haven’t seen any responses yet I already feel better about gaining control of the situation. All of the offers are fair and it would be suicidal for them not to accept my offers and take me to court. I am hopeful (no confident) for good results in the long run.
  10. Right then guys I need some help. After several periods of unemployment (for me and my other half) I started taking out payday loans. Now I've run up the following debts (my own stupid fault). I'm now at the point where I pay more out in loans than I earn- I cant keep it up anymore. I'm about to approach each lender with a repayment plan over 6 months and I need some advice. I've got the following loans- Quick Quid- £600 Payday Express- £500 Wonga- £350 Wage Day Advance- £150 Lending Stream- £300 I feel ashamed of myself listing them like this but I really dont know what el
  11. It has gone very calm. I'm £183 in arrears (job upsets of late) and I haven’t had one call or one letter chasing- strange. I know my local branch has closed and when I phoned to make a payment at the end of last month (I'm 1 month behind atm) nothing was mentioned about my arrears- the guy I spoke to sounded like he was very flustered and didn’t have a clue.... I've just landed a job with a lot more money but as a result of the transition between jobs things are going to be very tight next month and other payments take priority over the ****. I'm considering using this lull in their chasing
  12. "EMBATTLED specialist lender Cattles has warned that another 500 jobs could go as it continues to battle for survival. The Birstall-based group, which is labouring under debts of £2.4bn and has been hit by accounting irregularities, plans to close 30 of its 180 Welcome Finance consumer loans branches and cut the number of sales and support teams."
  13. This story of staying open for 2-3 years is a load of nonsense. There is no way that they could stay open for even one year losing money at that rate. As more and more people (like myself) catch on and discover news sites and cag and realise that people are taking this opportunity to fight back, more and more people will put their accounts into dispute or just stop paying. It will completely cripple whats left of Welscum and all I can think is "it serves you right!"
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