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  1. :)thankyou so very much for caring and giving me such good advice,ave just emailed them again.told them i only want to deal with emails from now on,and told them that i would like to set a payment plan each month at the end of the month with how much ave told them.ave told them that if they try taking the money out of my acc on 31st december,they just wont be successful.so this would be a better plan for both of us,at least then it gets paid each month.hopefully they will email me back,but i am not ringing them back again from now on.emails only for them.if they dont get back in touch with me,then i will email again next week.and again until they email me back.at least am making the effort hey.we all learn in life dont we?but i guess i just feel so scared and stupid too.i just want to have a decent christmas with my family without this on my mind too.happy christmas to you all too.annie x
  2. Hiya...thanks so much for replying back to my posting,the payday loan company i got the loan with is with payday express.i wanted to just keep to emails with them,but they never seemed to reply to the 3 emails that i started to send as from yesterday.and i wanted to get it sorted before christmas and before they wanted to try and take the money out 31st december.as it just wouldnt be in there to take out,as i am totally skint.thankyou so much for your help.why did they say to me on the phone that they would still have to take the money on 31st when it clearly states on the website anyway that you can extend these loans.so from now on i only email them,and ask them like i already have if they will accept a payment plan do you think?thankyou for caring and taking the time,i feel so alone
  3. can someone please help me,stupidly i got a payday loan with payday express for 400 inc 100 interest.total 500.but unfortunatly they are wanting payment on 31st december,which am afraid to say i just havent got the money to pay.am barely coping with christmas as it is with family and everything.thats why i stupidly used these people.i emailed them 3 times to try and sort something out,and tell them that 500 will not be in my acc if they try and take it out on that dat.and could i either extend like it says you can on the website.or come up wih a payment plan.however they never replied to 3 emails i sent to them,and i hate ringing these companies,as they always put words into your mouths dont they?anyway i had too earlier to try and get an answer.anway in the end she just said i would still have to pay the amount on the date i agreed to pay.i said what if when you try and take the cash out,theres no money in there.like there wont be,she said we will just keep trying.what do i do people?i do want to pay this off,as i know its my fault for getting it.but i just havent the money now to pay it.and am worrying myself to death.please anyone give me advice and help me i beg.:o
  4. can someone help me please,i stipidly got a payday loan with payday express for 400.but i cannot unfortunatly pay it back no,as they want 500 inc interest of course on 31st december.ave sent them 3 emails to ask them if they could extend the loan,or either let me make monthly payments.as i do want to pay it off,however after 3 emails they never replied back to me,so in the end i phoned them up,i didnt really want too.as i hate ringing these type of companies,as they always put words into your mouth.and she did,however i told her i didnt have the money,she went of the phone for five mins.come back and then said that she couldnt do anything she was sorry.and that i would still have to pay the full 500 on 31st december.i am sat here crying,wondering just how am going to do it.they say on the website that you can extend,i said to her what if the moneys not in there when you try to take it out.she said we will just keep trying.please does anyone have any ideas of what i can do,am at my wits end here.christmas is looking so unhappy for me and my family.please help.
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