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  1. A friend of mine has recently moved into a new flat above a parade of shops. Access to the flat is around the back of the shops last saturday evening I helped him move in and took some of his in my car to unload. I parked in a parking area behind the shops and he unloaded the car, I was there for less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately I received a PCN from Highview parking through the post. I went back to the carpark yesterday to read the parking sign as I genuinely didn't realise I wasn't allowed to unload there, The notice says by parking there I agree to the t
  2. Yep, heart in the mouth moment when my score dropped from 991 to 724 this morning. They could have given us a bit of warning or something. Was nearly late for work checking that there hadn't been any spurious entries since I last looked at my report. Luckily there hadn't been but this wasn't a great way to start the day!
  3. Thanks silverfox. I haven't sent a SAR but think it would be a good idea to do so. I'll send one to MBNA today.
  4. Thanks Oleg for the reply. Yes I agree, I don't want to poke the bear and sitting tight might well be the right way to go. I do, however, need to find out exactly when the 6 years is up so I have a water tight defence should anything happen.
  5. I have 2 very old accounts with MBNA, one for a loan and one for a credit card which I suspect are statute barred. Max Recovery took over the account in 2009 and absolutely no payments have been made to them during this time. Max Recovery send me annual statements and this morning I received the 2013-14 statements. Usually the statements just show an opening and closing balance but this year there is a very small credit been posted the account mid year for both the credit card and loan. The amounts are very small but I'm concerned. I am absol
  6. I've just checked my credit report and the score has dropped over 100 points from this time last week. The reason for this drop is: Now the only thing that has happened to my finances in the last 3 months is that I got a mobile phone upgrade with EE. I notice that previously the entries to my credit report were by 'Everything everywhere T/AS Orange' however this month they've opened a new entry on my credit report as 'EE'. I've been in financial scrapes and I'm trying to improve my credit rating and got it to 940 and now its back down to 835 because of a mobile phone con
  7. I'm a tad confused with the ratings the agencies seem to be giving and there either doesn't seem to be much consistancy between the agencies in terms of scoring or I am misinterpreting things. My story is this, all was going well until 2008/9 when I was made redundant. In a year I had notched up two CCJ's and a default was issued on my mortgage as I had no income other than JSA. My credit rating was destroyed. 4 years on and the CCJ's are now satisfied and the mortgage arrears all paid. Unfortunately the default on my mortgage will stay on my file for 2 more years and there is nothin
  8. Just checked my credit file and it doesnt mention anything about an arrangement.
  9. Thanks for replies. Hmmm getting a new mortgage may be tricky then. I defaulted in 2008 so only have 2 years til it drops off.
  10. I was made redundant quite a few years and accrued a lot of Mortgage arrears. The mortgage was put in default and it now shows as such on my credit file. Today I paid the last of the arrears:cheer2: and I'm just wondering what will happen to the entry on my credit file? Should it return from Default to Satisfactory as there are no outstanding arrears or do I have to wait for the 6 years to pass and the default to drop off my credit file? I'd like to start applying for mortgages in a few months time as I have to move due to work and have been hoping that as there are no arrears it wou
  11. Edit: Ok I'll solved the problem, this account was in default but is now satisfied. The other accounts were not defaults so show as satisfied and settled. Nothing really to see here, can be deleted really.
  12. OP - advice has been given and its solid advice too, the money does belong to your ex employer. When I was in a vaguely similar situation I contacted CCCS who were fantastic. They went through my income and expenditure to see what I could afford and then drafted a letter which they sent me to sign and to forward on to my creditor. The amount was agreed and I have been paying it back steadily for just over a year now with the end in sight in a few months time. I think you now have to decide if you want to act on the advice that has been given or maybe try CAB or CCCS but I dont think
  13. I thought this site was all about constructive and positive help? The tone of this reply is bit over the top and judgemental in my eyes. I imagine the OP has beaten themselves up enough and came here looking for a bit of compassion and a push in the right direction, not another bashing. Just my thoughts and feel free to delete if I have overstepped the mark.
  14. Yep I did this without any problems, I now have a certificate of cancellation for the CCJ and it is now removed from my credit file. I scanned and emailed the solicitors letters over to Northampton and they did the rest. They were incredibly helpful and walked me through the process over the phone, was totally harmless. Thanks for all the help.
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