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  1. Hi Everyone I am in a similar situation with Alliance and Leicester. My account was overdrawn due to bank charges for payment review fees and a direct debit that was rejected. I had no means of clearing the overdraft until my wages went in. I received a letter to say that the £181 should be paid into my account within 7 days or they would have no choice but to take further action. My wages went in 5 days after the letter and cleared the overdraft and put my account back in credit. Later that month when my account was at zero balance i had further charges applied which put my account back to overdrawn. I then received a letter to say despite previous reminders i had not cleared the overdraft (from the original letter with figure of £181) and that they had no alternative but to close my account and that i should not attempt to use my cards etc etc and i had to pay them £46 to clear what i owed them within 28 days I received a letter a few days later to say i owed £190 (so this had up from £46) and if i didnt pay it within 7 days they would contact the credit agencies and issue a default notice. I now have no account with them despite the fact that i paid the orginal bank charges they applied to my aco**** of £181 when my salary went in and it wasnt till a few weeks later that my account went overdrawn again. The money they want from me now is for their bank charges and my credit rating has now been badly affected. Do i have any rights?
  2. Hi Everyone Im completely new to this site but I am so glad I have found it and know I am not on my own!! I have 3 payday loans and have fallen in to the same trap as many others so I have been having to reloan every month. I am at the point where I cannot keep my head above water and am sinking fast. I owe: PTP £450 Payday UK £540 Uncle Bucks £350 + any interest. I have decided that it is time to put a stop to this constant worrying as it is starting to make me ill and miserable and I dread each payday and the struggle that follows. It's just one big vicious cricle. I know a number of people have decided to make a stand and stop paying the full amount every month and have attempted to make payment arrangements and was hoping that you could point me in the right direction. There are a number of abbreviations used that I am struggling to follow and would be really grateful of an idiots guide on how I start to approach this and where I can get letter templates to send to these companies. Many thanks in advance
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