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  1. Thankyou, If they do indeed knock last time they came they only knocked once and left details how to contact them to Sort a payment plan out. Which got binned. No one came back the letters returned to the loop, And have gone full circle. If they come and I answer I will tell them to leave and in future only to contact me by letter or I will call the police And while I am at it might just video the while thing on my telephone just incase there is any shirty business. Will come back and update where appropriate.
  2. Oh right, how come? Would that in some way acknowledge the debt? For the record all letters go in the bin. Any knockers will get ignored or sent packing.
  3. Hi there thanks for your very helpful information, I won't be answering any letters and any I get will go straight in the shredder. Cheers SDA.
  4. Thankyou that's what I was wondering too. I will of course update as per. Be well, SDA.
  5. Will do thanks as always for the sound advice, can you see them going any further?
  6. If they needed a lift I could possibly help out too? Your right, I won't be replying GUB if anyone visits and I'm in ill just give them the 3 count then im calling the cops, and don't come back without a written invitation from me. Which you won't be getting. If they take court action I'll welcome that wholehearted.
  7. That's some letter , thanks. I will let them visit a couple of times first then possibly send it. I'm quite willing to go through the legal process. It's the DCA that seems willing to make threats But reluctant to follow them through. Until that day I won't be doing anything it's been 4 yrs now They still haven't enforced anything taken me anywhere to pay anything so on and so on.
  8. Update today received another letter.. CLI Legal big red letters..... Notice of Personal visit Please accept this letter as confirmation that we are now turning this matter to our doorstep collection agents as a final attempt to discuss this matter. Unless you contact us within 7 days our doorstep bloke will be instructed to visit on a regular basis until contact has been established and repayment has been made. Firstly .... What happened to final notice before court action? Secondly... A door knocker has been before left letter and number didn't contact letters from cli started again it seems we have gone full circle? What does everyone think about this? Oh and yes I get full legal representation no from my Union but it's obvious it's not going to come to that? Thanks guys, SDA.
  9. Not sure I just tore the letter up and binned it Along with all the others I've recieved in the last 4 years. In my view if they take me to court, it will be sorted Fairly I am a union rep and will recieve free Legal representation along with anyone else That is in a union so it will be fairly resolved. If however the threats keep coming but no Action taken, that I can deal with and will just Keep putting the letters in the bin? Can't really see what else there is to do in this one?
  10. Hi all, Update! Had a letter from cci legal again today, 3rd one actually in the last 2 months, last one was from Feb from door knocker which I ignored. 1st one you owe this amount please get in touch to arrange payment. 2nd we haven't heard from you please pay in 7 days. Today's we will take you to court if we don't hear from you in the next 7 days. To avoid this get in touch now. Obviously it is unnerving but I will stand my ground and see what comes next. The letters again seem standard issue. Will add more as it happens. SDA
  11. Hi Guys just a quick update. had a letter 2 days ago from a DCA from Eindhoven Holland asking for this debt to be paid. Was a pretty standard letter from a Dutch DCA. Since the unanswered visit from the debt door collector leaving his details to get in touch ( which i didnt.) or he would be back ( he wasnt) I havent heard anything more from cci legal or capital recoveries. So i guess its gone back over the North Sea for the cloggies to have another stab at? Any more news ill let you know. Any thoughts on this guys? cheers SDA
  12. Thanks UB, i think that is the route i will take, I have also seen posts that say DMS (capital recoveries) is just another DCA and have quite possibly bought the debt from cci legal and are trying it on? All possibilities of course . Time will tell I will update if anything to add, if no one else has any exp of this or advice, Thanks again.
  13. Hi there that is great advice im still reluctant to call the number as i am fearfull of the results they have been sending letters and threats for 3 years now and i am kind of hoping this is just another ploy at putting the frighteners on? Or maybe i am deluded? Its a tough one i am really considering sitting on my laurels I have told the wife not to answer the door and see what happens, I am really starting to worry now as we have just bought a house too although 99.9% ownership is in the wifes name as i had the fore thought to do this as to hopefully not lose the house if it does in fact go to court? Also there is no mention of cci legal on this letter and all the rest of the letters were from them and seemed to be standard ? If this is the case what is the most obvious outcome? how should i proceed? is it time to seek legal advice/ Just to add i have never made a payment, answered a call, or letter or have acknowledged this debt in any shape or form. after reading other posts someone received same through the door hand posted letter did nothing and then received a letter from their (capital) solicitors asking for full payment or negs over a pm payment or court action would follow ,it didnt then 4 years later letters started again...... ..i dont know what to think? also 1 question, if they intend to take me to court? why wait so long 3 years since letters 9 years since i left the country where debt originated 9 years in total I cant understand that? To say again i havent paid a penny or acknowledged the debt at all thanks.
  14. Hi thanks for quick reply, I not quite sure what that all means but the letter says they want to discuss amicable terms for repayment? and this debt is from holland and from over 8-9 years ago? what does insolvency and setting it aside mean? sorry for my inexperience
  15. Hi Guys, UPDATE! Had a letter through the door today HANDPOSTED from Capital recoveries dms stating they had knocked at the door concerning this debt and that unfortunately no one was in and that more visits would be made but would prefer me to contact them (mobile number ) on letter quoting reference number and that attempts have been made for contact to no avail. There is no record of this debt on my credit history. i am able to get debt loans car cards etc. I am unsure of my rights now what to do as this seems to be their last card to play? Can someone please help in simple terms we have just had a baby and knocks on the door are very unsettleing, Hope there is someone out there that can help? Thanks in advance. SDA
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