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  1. Hi Jason you now have to fill in form N244. To challenge the decision and most likely and hopefully the whole process will start all over againagain from the PCN
  2. I have made an error i think on filling in an "out of court witnness statement' forms. Was it supposed to be witnessed at a county court/magistrates? The forms where emailed to me 2 days ago by the court and i could'nt understand that they have to be witnessed. What could happen next? Can i fill-in the forms again and do it the proper way? Apologise for an error on my part? Please help
  3. I have recently (2 days back) filled in these 2 forms and emailed them back to TEC but the mistake i have made is that i did'nt have them witnessed by a local county court/magistrates. What can now happen? I could'nt understand that if they're supposed to be witnessed by somebody. Can there be trouble for not doing that? Can i again fill in these forms and send them again by having them witnessed this time or just keep quiet?
  4. Hi, can someone kindly shed some light on the TE7 and TE9 forms known as 'Out of time witness statement' for a PCN debt. I called up Northampton County Court and they sent me these forms. Now wat i need to know is, who decides the outcome of the 'out of time witness statement'? Is it the Court or the local authority who are claiming the recovery through Bailiffs. And what if the outcome is decided against me of the 'out of time witness statement' does the bailiff action for the debt which is on hold at the moment because of me filling out the witness statement. Does it resume if it is unsuccessful? My second question is - Are there any lawyer firms or organisations offering free legal aid on these PCN matters? The PCN was issued on tenth of june 09 through CCTV. I've recently gone back to the very location/road there is no warning sign to suggest that there are cameras controlling single yellow line for parking or stopping. The ONLY warning is for bus lane cameras. The yellow line i stopped at was not in the bus lane. Can they issue a PCN using bus lane cameras on single yellow lines without any warning? Help much appreciated
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