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  1. Hi I have also had bad dealing with Scheidegger Training as I embarked on a Cisco CCNA Networking course costing me £2,500 paid in monthly amounts of £70.00 . Unfortunately part way through my course of which I was attaining 100% tutor marked assessments I fell very poorly and could not compet the rest of the course ,by this time I had already paid asbout £1,000 . I wrote to the financial dept of heidegger Training and explained to them my predicament and ther reply was well you sighned an ageement to this I replied yes I did so in good faith but was in good health at that time, but they were not listening to me and said there is nothing they could do. My next step was to go and see my GP aand inform him of what they have said to me and without thinking about my GP wrote a full letter to the company and within one week I received a reply saying that they were sorry to hear about my poor health and that on this occasion the would cancle the rest of the monthly payment when they were in receipt of all books and software they supplied so, I duly returned asll of the above and I received back £500.00 by cheque but it took some fighting to achieve this all I can tell you is go to your GP and ask him for his help in this matter. Good luck Dave
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