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  1. Hi. No .Not yet. I say yet because she has not given up! She managed to find someone who knows their way round our complex laws and they have high hopes. It does make you think though. An organisation that is meant to protect people certainly know how to get out of giving that protection. There are still quite a few people waiting.
  2. Hi. Advice needed here about these ATOL refunds. My daughter booked and paid in full for a holiday to America last year through Thomas Cook at one of their branches . She got a Thomas Cook receipt and an ATOL certificate at the time of booking both clearly stating their name and their ATOL number. She claimed ( along with about a million other people) and after all this time has been informed rather rudely that the holiday was booked through Expedia and therefore the claim is not valid. They said that although the ATOL certificate bears the Thomas
  3. Hi Again. This looks to be another of those grey areas favoured by grey people wearing grey suits. Have found a section that states that over 50s ( thats me alright) 'may be' entitled to 70% but can't find anything definite on NCD reductions. Maybe it's dependant on the scale of the claim- if you total a roller they knock off 30% but only 10% for a beat up Punto.
  4. Hi. I have read through the gumf supplied with the policy and cant find much about NCD at all let alone a scale of reduction. Maybe its in the really tiny print that you have to download. I will have a root around.
  5. Hi. I recently received my renewal notice from Direct line after one of my named drivers had a 'fault' accident right at the start of the policy. When I took out the insurance I checked the '9 years NCD' box on the internet form ( I have actually got well over 30 years without a claim ) and I now discover that this has been adjusted to 3 years NCD because of the claim. Direct line wrote that this is because they have a maximum of 5 years NCD on thier policies and I have lost two because of the claim. Seems grossly unfair that!!I realise that a claim will affect it but 6 years! I have now sent
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