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  1. Hiya, I am currently at a local gym for which i have been attending for 7months. When i joined i signed up for a 12month contract but now wish to cancel it due to the fact i am not gettin full use of the centre. This is due to lack of parking outside of it. I would suggest parking elsewhere but there isn't any near. Sounds pathetic but if im paying for something i want to use it. Also when i joined up they didnt mention that the time i would be going was going to be busy. I rang the membership dept and they said there wasn't anything i could do as i was on a 12month contract. Is there really nothing i can do? Thanks Melissa
  2. Hi, I have two accounts, one with Lloyds TSB and the other with HSBC, i both a an overdraft in both. I was still in my overdraft's when i stopped using both accounts. Since then they have added more and more interest to both accounts, i have said to them i would pay off my overdraft in one go but not willing to pay the interest. Both have declined my offer. What can i do to maybe get these charges down a little bit? Many thanks Melissa
  3. no i didnt have any letters from them :S And thanks scott for the site links, very helpful Melissa
  4. Hi all, I got out an 18month contract with Orange about a year ago and a few months on from this i was unhappy with the contract that they had sold me as there were details which i had not been informed of when sold to me. I spoke to the shop where i had purchased the contract from and they were very rude and un-helpful to which i rang Orange who were also un co-operative. So i decided not to use the phone anymore and stop paying. Since then Moorcroft have visited my house asking for the full amount, but they had no paperwork with them stating who they are and the amount they are after. What can i do about this? As surely they can't come to my house and demand money withouth any identification? Thanks Melissa.
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