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  1. hello, i think i was miss sold leather care on my sofa 2 years ago, it cost me £160 for 5 years, and i was told it would be great for me as i have two small children and pets, and was told with this type of cover i would be covered for anything, usually i am quite sharp with this sort of thing but i was pregnant at the time and never brought leather before.. anyhow i took out the paperwork yesterday and found it looks like im not covered for much ill type below what it says: Terms and Conditions of 5 year leather care - conditions of agreement This agreement only applys to new
  2. ooh lovely thank you for the info, ill wait till the end of the month then thanks again, the website does say some are end of line products and some with damaged packaging, they also sell new aswell, i think it just calls for inspection, we were originally going to purchase a 32" tv expecting to pay near £300 pound as need 2 scart sockets, but they were coming up cheaper, and in the end we were going to buy a 42" for 469 heehee i think thats a goos deal? its a samsung and i know they're usually very expensive..
  3. I have been looking absolutly eveywhere and these are the cheapest i can find, even using my store discount i have
  4. This is the website Cheap LCD TVs, LCD TVs, Cheap 1080p LCD TVs, Cheap Full HD Televisions it seems to good to be true, but then i did start to trust the website especially as it says i can pay using paypal. but then is says pay now and THEN collect, this raised a red flag for me. Has anyone brought from here before? many thanks
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