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  1. Hi i have car finance with British Credit Trust, i have paid ove 1/3 of the finance but now they have passed it onto bayliffs who want to repossess the car, i have offered to pay the full amount off over three months but they want the full amount or the car. I know that i can pay this off in the next three months if they just accept this but they say no and will call at my address unanounced. Any help please. If they get a court order who i receive a copy first or be able to attend the hearing if their is any??? help please
  2. I need some advice please. I recently saw that natwest issued a default against me even though i paid my account in full. They have said that i have defaulated. I sent them a request for my original agreement and received a reply stating that as my account is closed they do not have to supply this now. Can anyone please advise me if this is true. The account could only have been closed in December 2007 which seems quite convenient.
  3. could anyone please help me. I recently noticed that a CCJ issued against me in 2003 has my name spelt wrong and also my post code. The CCJ shows on my credit file with experian with my name spelt wrong on it too. The CCJ does not show at all on equifax. Im i able to have this removed off my file or will they just amend the original.
  4. dantracey, did you take you cheque into the bank and cash it or did you have to put it into a nominated account that they have said in the settlement?
  5. I have not had the best credit rating but i recently applied for a current account with citibank and was accepted it comes with a £500 interest free overdraft and a visa debit card not onle of thoes silly solo cards or electron cards. The whole process of applying was very simple and easy and did it through their internet site. Would certaily recommend people give it a try. If you ave very bad credut rating then opt not to have the overdraft. Good look people hope this helps some of you
  6. congratulations, did they send you a cheque or put it in your account?
  7. Does anyone know that if you change the amount your claiming on your moneyclaim form do the bank get more time, does the 28 day deadline start again. I have issued my claim with the description Halifax Bank, and the defendant as Halifax Card Services. I have mixed my current account figures up with my credit card figures. Can i tell them that this claim is for the current account instead of my credit card?
  8. Why dont you give them a call and tell them that your about to file a claim for the full amount unless they pay the rest. They will probably say yes and pay. Its worth a try then you can decide then whats best for you.
  9. I got a letter a few weeks ago saying thats about a claim i had put in which was rejected will be paid as i knew nothing about the terms and conditions ect ect. I got another letter today saying that i can cancel and receive a refund. I am tempted to do this but would they take the money back which they have now paid for my old claim?
  10. I think that it would be well wort one of the MODS setting something up where we can donate a small amount of money each and employ a solicitor to act for one of the claims. I think it should be for someone who has a very good case and egg have nothing on them either. What does eveyone think?
  11. It does not seem that the natwest are paying out very quickly now. Has anyone had any recent success with their claims or are they making you wait the full 28 days then entering a defence?
  12. Ok just phoned the number that was on the court papers, its halifax legal department. The lady i spoke to said that they are aware of my claim and someone was dealing with it. She also said that they would be responding to me in a few days. (sounds worrying).
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