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  1. Hey guys! I am once again being trodden on by rich people! So I shall post here to see if anyone has any advice for my plight! In november I moved into a rented house in our town, for me and my girlfriend, who is disabled by the way! The landlord was messing us around from the off, trying to let the property when they hadnt even bought it yet, so even though they gave me a start date for the move and I paid up the rent in advance I couldnt move in because she technically didnt own the property as it was awaiting some signing or some such nonsense! Anyway, when I finally got in, there was damp, leaking roof, and RATS the rats kept us from sleeping which is very bad for my partner as she has myotonic distrophy and needs lots of rest. I told them about this problem straight away and about the damp and mould and leaking roof. They just flat lied and said it was just "condensation" - which Ive never had in other properties and that the rats were just "mice" and they would "sort it out" They didnt sort it. Nothing at all was done - eventually after many emails from me they got the council to send a pest officer round who tried putting poison down (had zero effect). She came back two more times, on the last time she said there was nothing she could do and you can never get rid of these rats as they could be coming in from anypoint in the house from underground. The whole time I had had very little sleep - and as soon as another suitable property came up I moved in. I was in the rat infested place for a little over 8 weeks. Since moving out, I told them I have to move, as the rats are causing me ill-health, she has at first asked for proof I had paid my council tax and water and electric and gas bills - which I emailed her. Then I have heard nothing and she hasnt replied to my three emails asking when I will get my £500 deposit back! She has since relisted the property as "newly refurbished" (LIES!) even though it has a terminal rat problem! One thing that struck me is I never had to sign a form like I did with the last landlord about the deposit protection scheme. So I very much doubt she has followed the law that requires all landlords to put tennants money in a deposit protection scheme. Anyway I have read that If I take her to court, then I will get the deposit back, and she may even have to repay me twice the amount. So can anyone tell me how on earth I can take her to court? I have no experience in this and cant afford a solicitor!
  2. Ok, I have written a FOS complaint, can anyone suggest improvements p { margin-bottom: 0cm; direction: ltr; color: rgb(128, 128, 128); widows: 2; orphans: 2; }p.western { font-family: "Arial",sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; font-style: italic; }p.cjk { font-family: "Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 11pt; font-style: italic; }p.ctl { font-family: "Arial",sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; font-style: italic; }a:visited { color: rgb(128, 0, 128); }a.western:visited { }a.cjk:visited { }a.ctl:visited { }a:link { color: rgb(0, 0, 255); } Dear FOS, I am writing to you to complain about HSBC's treatment of me while I am experiencing financial hardship. I have written HSBC many letters, asking for them to stop applying charges to my account, asking for them to tell me exactly how much they have charged my account, all I ever receive back is a form letter telling me a court case has decided bank charges are fair. However, the court case they refer to, also stated that Hardship applications should still be considered and HSBC has failed to recognize my Hardship and treat me accordingly. As I write this letter a letter from HSBC has arrived stating they will be taking £125 for my going overdrawn over the last month. This is a monthly occurrence and results in me being constantly under more and more hardship and getting more overdrawn – and having more charges applied. I have asked HSBC for an overdraft – they have refused. I have calculated the total amount of charges since the beginning of my hardship in 2009 at £2143.00 plus 8% statutory interest of £171.00 Totalling £2314.00 I would like them to stop applying charges to my account immediately, and return the money they have taken from me. Now I shall explain my hardship. In 2009 (July the 29th) My father was involved in a life threatening car crash resulting in him being in a coma for 6 weeks. At this time I had to resign my job with Severn Trent Labs to be with him in the hospital and to look after my little sister. At this time I wasn't even receiving Job Seekers Allowance as I was mostly engaged at the hospital in Swansea or looking after my little sister. HSBC started taking disproportional amounts of charges immediately for me going overdrawn. Since that time I have been unable to get my finances above water as they keep charging me month by month. I have since lost another job, and because of the financial hardship exacerbated by HSBC I have had my marriage break down and am divorced, living with my parents and doing odd jobs to try and keep my head above HSBC's greed (the relentless monthly charges). I implore you to force their greedy hand to return my money, as I have had no positive response from them. I am afraid I will have to proceed to the County Court if you cannot resolve this issue. I also wish to make it clear that HSBC have been falsifying information to try and close my complaint. They have sent me a letter two days ago responding to my request for them to take note of my hardship and return the money they have taken, stating that I have failed to issue them with information they requested and are now closing the complaint – no such request was ever received by myself. HSBC have disregarded the regulations they are bound by, they have information that I, their customer, am in Financial hardship, yet they have not acted in my interest. I allege they have and continue to contravene the FSA BCOB rules they are a signatory to HSBC have not at any point acknowledged that this is a hardship case despite me notifying them. They have levied charges of £125 in recent days, and have refused to refund these also. For these grounds I feel that I have been treated unfairly. Rule 5.1.4 G “Principle 6 requires a firm to pay due regard to the interests of its customers and to treat them fairly. In particular, a firm should deal fairly with a banking customer whom it has reason to believe is in financial difficulty.” Yours faithfully, Luke Bolger
  3. Can you tell me what is the best way to go about making the claim in court? How do I start the process? Thanks!
  4. Would it be better to take HSBC to the county court? What is the likely success? Or would I end up loosing and having to pay HSBC legal fees?
  5. PLEASE help, HSBC are playing tricks on me, sent a letter to me in reply to my latest letter asking them to refund my charges as its unfair under the template i got here, the letter they have sent says basically, as you havent given us more information which we requested we are closing the complaint. They havent requested anything I have just received another letter this morning they are fining me £125 this month (again) for going overdrawn. I can't cope, I am unemployed and have medical problems. Please can you give me an idea of what to write to the ombudsman service as HSBC dont give a damn.
  6. Further to our recent communication we confirm we are prepared to accept £100.00 in full and final settlement of the above reference number, dependant upon your payment being received at this office within 14 days. If you fail to comply with the settlement terms, the offer will be revoked and the full balance will become due immediately - payment methods are: * Credit/Debit Card - Call 0844 7016156 * Online via our Secure Website - www.collectd.co.uk * Cheque / Postal Orders * Directly into: Nat West - Sort Code 55-70-23 - A/C No: 78581567 When making payments either via the post or via the bank please quote "Our Ref" to ensure allocation to your account. Please note that any credit record information held with credit reference agencies may show this account as partially settled, and any default details will not be removed immediately following payment. Should you anticipate any problems, or experience difficulty in making the agreed payment please contact us immediately as late, returned or declined payments may result in the offer being revoked, or further action being taken. You can also obtain free, independent debt advice from National Debtline 0808 808 4000, StepChange www.stepchange.org 0800 138 1111, or your local Citizens advice Bureau. That was the email they sent me, I paid the money and asked them when they will update the file Then they said In response to your recent email, sorry we do not deal with credit files as we are a collections company. Any information regarding this should be made to either Equifax, Experian or similar. With kind regards CDUK.
  7. Hi guys, I had a debt from a BT internet contract where I lost my job and couldnt pay it. It amounted to about £300 A debt collection agency got in touch so I offered them £100 as a full settlement. They agreed and I paid, but when I asked them when they will update my credit file as paid they said the following "n response to your recent email, sorry we do not deal with credit files as we are a collections company. Any information regarding this should be made to either Equifax, Experian or similar. With kind regards CDUK." Any ideas?
  8. Thanks so much! I will get this done on the weekend and let you know what they say!!!
  9. Hi guys, Thank you for editing out my personal information ( not that I care if anyone sees it, HSBC are the crooks! not me ) I arrived here by loosing my job in 2009, and having charges snowballing, I guestimate they have robbed me about 6 K to this point I sent them another letter asking for a more personal response other than just their form response and have not received a reply. I haven’t sent the SAR request yet as I font really want to give them any more money but I wrote in my latest letter that they have taken about 4 K in charges (being conservative) so I shall see if they come back with the actual figure. I tried getting them online but their online statements system is very very confusing. I am very sorry i am not doing a great job at this but Ive been so busy with looking for work and my divorce etc.
  10. Hi friends, Can anyone tell me which template to use to get a list of all the charges they have applied to my account since I entered hardship? Please help! luke
  11. Hi guys, I sent a hardship letter to HSBC two weeks ago, using the template on this website, detailing how I am in hardship and my loss of job and all these charges making me unable to buy food etc - and they sent me a form response, Basically saying I have already sent a letter in in 2010 and they refer me back to that letter Please can you advise me what to do next??? Luke [ATTACH=CONFIG]53649[/ATTACH]
  12. Thanks again rebel, One thing that I worries me, wont I have more of a hope claiming just the last 9 months back - If I ask for six years wont they just claim that the court case was won by the banks and I can get lost? Is there any chance that they will call in my loan for upsetting them with this request? I still owe £5500 on the loan!
  13. Thanks Rebel! One more thing, I have only been unemployed for the last 9 months, am I claiming back the 9 months or the last 6 years? I have been unemployed in the past - should I just claim the last nine months? Or should I try my luck with the 12 months i was unemployed in 2009 - 2010? Thanks!!!
  14. Thank you so much rebel! I have tailored the letter you gave me, but I am not sure how much I have been charged - and what counts as evidence?P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } EVIDENCE OF INCOME/ OUTGOINGS - Such as? A COPY OF YOUR BANK CHARGES - Maybe I can print these online? EVIDENCE OF BENEFIT ENTITLEMENT - This one I have!
  15. Hi Rebel! I have no idea?! What is PPI? I am more interested in getting the bank charges which amount to about 8K over the last 6 years back!
  16. Hi I have been unemployed almost a year now, and have been getting hit with around £150 a month of charges from HSBC due to not having any income - Is there ANYTHING I can do to claim these back? I also have a loan with HSBC - so at the same time I dont want them to do anything like call in the full amount because I start hassling them to give me my money back Please advise! Luke
  17. Hi I have been unemployed almost a year now, and have been getting hit with around £150 a month of charges from HSBC due to not having any income - Is there ANYTHING I can do to claim these back? I also have a loan with HSBC - so at the same time I dont want them to do anything like call in the full amount because I start hassling them to give me my money back Please advise! Luke
  18. what is a PPoA/E or LLU and mine profile?
  19. yea I meant mbps not bits . I Have it plugged into the test soket already. They told me that crap about 10 days to stabalize on the phone I dont buy it - I have never had a speed change after time at any other house. Im not happy paying 46 a month for 60 kbps speed (speedtest says 1.15 mbps but in real ters i an only download at 60 or less KBps)
  20. So I recently moved house - called bt and they said sure we an oe the internet to new house - but you have to take out a new contract - which i did (18 months) They said I would get 3-6 bps but I getting less than 1 - Is there anything I can do?
  21. here is what i have come up with. Luke Bolger ADDRESS 26th of September 2012 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to HSBC to challenge your treatment of me as a customer. As you are aware, for the past three years, HSBC has been charging me an exuberant amount of money every month, HSBC calls these charges "unauthorized overdraft charges". Since the 11th of January this year, you have made #334 in "unauthorized overdraft charges" to my account. While you are quick to offer advice on how to "manage money" you have not once offered the service to DECLINE payments in excess of my overdraft. I am sure your legal department will be sending me another form letter detailing your assessment of the High Court Case. In every case where a charge was triggered by my financial hardship, ie not having enough funds in my HSBC account due to the rampaging charges and interest deducted, you could have just as easily placed a cap on my account so that no moneys could be withdrawn exceeding the limit of my overdraft. If you are finding this hard to comprehend, I am happy to draw you a simple diagram. You also treated me unfairly by refusing to increase my overdraft on no less than four occasions! Had you treated me fairly and had my (your customers) interests in any regard of importance, then you should have extended my overdraft to stop this excessive pillaging of my finances by your "unauthorized overdraft charges".I allege that your "unauthorized overdraft charges" are not in any way reflective of the COST to HSBC from my account being over the overdraft limit. Obviously, since the repealing of Glass Steagall Act in 1999, HSBC are literately producing ninety percent of their assets out of thin air. I further allege that HSBC are in breach of your obligations to Treat Customers Fairly as required under the Banking Conduct Of Business (BCOBS) regulations 2009 which have been introduced by the FSA under the Financial Service and Markets Act 2000. In light of the above abuse of my account, I have had to sell my car, and have been without heating for several weeks. I expect a full refund of these "unauthorized overdraft charges" for the past year, if you are willing to refund these unfair charges I will make no more claim on the previous financial years back to 2009. If however, HSBC refuse to refund these unfair charges, call in my overdraft on my current account, or consider, threaten or engage in ANY action that is malicious to me (the customer) I will make a full claim for the past three years in the County Court and refer this case and any subsequent malicious actions to the Financial ombudsman. Without prejudice, Luke Bolger Account no - Sort code -
  22. No sir, I read that people who send off hardship letters usually get a few months charges back, which in my case would get me out of my overdraft, I work 4 days a week
  23. Hi, Im really struggling here, i have at least 100 pounds bank charges every month and every month i get more in my overdraft and this increases bank charges and now im -600 on my overdraft limit of -400 Please can someone give me a template letter for a hardship case? Thanks
  24. But because its only me who works there, the manager sacked everyone else, so i have to pick up there work load. Shel know its me if the HSE shows up - and shel say its my fault.
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