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  1. well.. I knew it would not last forever! Lowell Financial LTD have contacted me, informing me that my account was sold to them on 26/02/10 - If that is the case, how did they manage to send me a letter over a week before my default date? With it being quiet for so long, I decided to not stir it up to much.. but I think now would be a good time to SAR MBNA and double check on all these dates right? it just does not add up at all..
  2. Apologies for the lack of reply vint, didn't get a notification like I did for foxy's reply.. had a bit of a mixed blessing with regards to my mothers fall- it was found she had a fractured collarbone which was not picked up on first time due to swelling, but what this does mean is that she has been getting plenty of rest in bed and and phonecalls to anything other than our mobile phones have gone unanswered, so I really have no idea is they are still trying to contact via telephone, if they are they will disappointed Not having to deal with any of the crap via telephone has really
  3. from what I can work out, just the arrears - to quote: and later it states: The information you provided certainly helps it make a lot more sense, thank-you - will get the letter you have provided sent off this week and see what garbage they come back with! Thanks again!
  4. It was sent to my father, apologies for the confusion, since I have taken "ownership" of the issue I am used to referring to the debt and related paperwork as "mine" Default Notice was dated 8th Feb 2010, I do indeed still have the envelope which is a UK Mail Second Class postage. That was my initial thought based on posts I had read here previously. Yes, I explained this to him.. he just has these fears that one of these days someone will bang on the door and that will be it- It is easy to see how so many people take drastic measures when in debt when you see someone with
  5. either I have missed my shot or MBNA have made this a lot easier for me... A couple of days after my last post my mother was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery on her back following a bad fall (on her way to answer the phone.. most likely MBNA yet again) and because of this all MBNA correspondence has taken the back burner for the past couple of weeks whilst she is being nursed at home by my family. whilst this was going on I received a default notice from MBNA telling me that I had until (Today) 25th Feb 2010 to remedy this breach to the total of 1016.43 (my arrears) stating
  6. Thanks both for replying, what you have both said backs up my initial thoughts on my own impressions, I am going to come up with a letter now put put the account into dispute. Your replies have given me a bit more confidence into proceeding with this now- it has been dragging out a while now and I had all but given up on getting feedback on here - MBNA are putting the pressure on in a BIG, BIG way now with my elderly parents and it is starting to frighten them. A week or so ago my mother got a call as like I told her to she asked them to put it in writing and hung up - they then proceeded
  7. To me it comes across more like an application form than an actual agreement, the terms on the back (of which I have no idea if they were even on the original) are almost impossible to read - have enlarged them a bit for easier scrutiny.. would really appreciate any feedback on what may or may not be acted upon. Front http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab289/caelenmedia/mbna/ccafront.jpg Back http://caelen.com/ccaback.jpg (edit: moved host of this image as was impossible to read on photobucket) T&C (separate to CCA) http://i872.photobucket.com/albums/ab289/caelenmed
  8. First of all, I apologise for any naivety you might find in this post, I am a real novice when it comes to this and I am sure it will show - here is the story. My father took out a credit card with MBNA at least 6/7 years ago after being approached in Homebase, he made regular account payments up until the middle of this year. After some major surgeries his circumstances changed and was left blind and partially deaf and like many, in the current climate was left struggling to pay outstanding bills - he missed two payments of his credit card and was then unable to "catch up" with further p
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