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  1. Hi, In June this year my wife and I visited a relative and parked between two vehicles outside her house. There was ample space and I reversed into the gap in a single move. I moved up a foot towards the car in front to let my dog out of the boot of our car and went inside the house. We left 2 hours later, moving back a foot or so and departed going forward in one movement. Later that evening we had a phonecall from the owner of the car parked behind us saying we had hit his car as we departed. Neither my wife or I was aware of any impact and said as much. We drove over to see the other pers
  2. Hello, A number of years ago we had a business. In 2004 we found a buyer for the business and informed our bank (Barclays) to this effect. We were then informed that our overdraft facility of £10000 was to be removed. Our business manager said we would have to take out a loan to cover the outstanding o/d. We did this but then when the business was sold 3 months later we found we were liable for additional charges for paying off the loan early. This would not have applied had we been able to continue our o/d to the sale of the business. After selling the business we started to examine
  3. Thanks for the reply, Track record: There are a couple of points I probably didn't explain clearly. I am now employed, in fact my position regarding potential earnings has improved. As far as ''the court case'' is concerned there wasn't one. The investigation in these circumstances is carried out by the local authority and the child protection service. Only if there is a case to answer would it go to court. Unlike the legal system, in cases like this you are presumed guilty from the onset and third parties undertake the investigation to determine whether there is a case to answer. This is
  4. I am currently having some serious financial problems. I work as a fee paid professional in the very precarious field of childcare. I work with some of the most damaged children in society and the risk of an allegation is very high. I was the subject of an allegation in 2007 and although the subsequent enquiry found there was no case to answer my family suffered emotionally and also financially. During the legislative proceedure that followed I was prevented from working for a period of 15 months. This meant we used up all of our savings and when they were gone we used our overdrafts on 2 acco
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