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  1. If you go on to Ralphmarlon.com website you will see the correct APR loan you will be excepting 91.9% APR. And there web page is so similar to Wentworth.
  2. Just to add. I called them at 5:30pm today and was 25th in the cue. They closed at 6pm and was 7th in cue. I left the phone ring till 6:30pm and I was still in the cue. Really confused?? do they close and go home when calls are still in cue. Because that is not customer service.
  3. Hi Sorry to jump in on your thread, but i have just been through Wentworth and I am in a worst situation than I was before I searched for them. Other than being told I had a 15.2% Apr Loan and paying £69. I have now been told that I have not got the loan an I will need to speak to Ralph Marlon Ltd. This is the company who can search for the correct loan for me. Really confused because I paid Wentworth to do this job. Anyway it gets better.!! I filled in my form with the relevant documentation needed to them on recorded delivery 1st Class. I have waited 10 working days as
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