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  1. Yeah I did read up alot on it, and got this general feeling, and I can imagine some of the longer running member on here could possibly be getting bored by the similar threads popping up - I just assumed my case was slightly different, What with the second ticket and an almost 'instant' court threat.


    Thanks for the time and input guys - Im going to sit tight on this one, See what comes of it. Im actually away to asia in a few weeks and wont be back until next year So fingers crossed it'll be forgotten about by the time im home.

  2. Alright lads hows things?


    Last month I had parked my car in a supermarket carpark, In Aberdeen. I got back to find a ticket on the window stating the car was there, Worked out I was 20-30mins from over staying.


    I came on here and scanned.. and chose to ignore this. A friend of mine from Glasgow told me he parks his work van in there when he's up for Jobs and sometimes gets 3 to 4 tickets on the window over a week, but its been going on for years and he never bothered doing anything with it.


    Now.. Id like to make this clear, I in no way take advantage of this, and iv never set a foot out of line in terms of police, tickets, points or anything.


    So, Last weekend I was in the same car park and went to apply for my International Drivers Permit and go to the DVLA. Alas.. I was held up in the Post office for what seemed like forever. I got back to find another ticket. I didnt even open it and just put in the back seat.


    Just now, Iv got home from work to find a letter on the door step.


    Its from "Trethowans Solicitors"


    Amount Outstanding : £40

    Date of Incident : 01/11/09

    Charge Notice Number : *****

    Vehicle Registration : *** ****

    Location : Aberdeen

    Time of Incident : 09:18 11:47


    We are instructed by CP Plus Ltd who manages the above car park. We are advised by our client that their car parking attendant observed a vehicle parked at the above location on the specified date and that the vehicle, which is registered in your name, did not adhere to the Parking Regulations as detailed on the Notice Boards. As a result, a Charge Notice was issued as detailed above, which remains unpaid.


    We are now instructed to recover this outstanding debt which is due and payable. Accordingly, if payment in the above sum is not received within fourteen days from the date of this letter then out client will issue court proceedings without further written notice. (if it is your contention that were not the driver at the time of the offence, please provide us with details of the driver whereupon we will transfer liability.)


    Such actions will undoubtedly include a claim in respect of interest for the late payment and the additional court fees and costs incurred in the issue of such proceedings. Should you have any doubt about the meaning or effect of this letter, then we would sugest that you seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.


    To prevent the issue of court action, payment must be made to the above address quoting the Charge Notice Number and Registration Number. Cheques of postal orders must be made payable to "TRETHOWANS" with both numbers quoted on the reverse.


    We can also accept payment by debit or credit car by telephoning the above number, however, for credit card payments a charge of 2.25% will be applied.


    Yours faithfully


    Trethowans LLP


    "Keeper details have been provided by the DVLA as you are the registered keeper of a vehicles which has been parked in the breach of the terms and conditions of a private car par. Should you feel that this data has been obtained or used inappropriately your complaint can be notified to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and the information commissioner (Information Commissioner's Office - ICO). Cp Plus LTd. Is a member of the British Parking Association's Approved Operator Scheme. Appeals should be made in writing to the above address.


    so... Thoughts? Im considering either paying the £40 (it was £15!!!) or just ignoring it all together and if it comes to court, deny the whole thing.. OR send them an envelope full of £40 in single penny's.


    Thoughts?? Wouldn't mind some advice on this one.


    Many thanks

    -Petey Pete.


    p.s. Id also like to add that I did get a ticket LAST WEEK ASWELL! So thats 2 tickets from the same place in the space of over a month and I have 1 letter.

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