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  1. Hi, To McKanney2K: If you want to join the action group this is what you need to do (and immediately) :- Firstly, write to CLC Head office in Malaga stating that you are cancelling your membership owing to 'Gross Misrepresentation'. Enclose an itemised list of every reason that you believe you were missold. Send by recorded delivery. Then ignore any future correspondance from them - they'll deny all your allegations and threaten action. (Yawn) Secondly, write to GE Money saying you are cancelling your membership (give CLC and GE ref numbers) under the Consumer Credit act of 19
  2. Hi Solana, Received pretty much a carbon copy of what you described, including a very disparaging piece about the TCA - naturally.
  3. Timeshare Consumer Association contact details:- 24hr helpline 0901 607 0077 Direct Line: 01909 591100 Fax: 01909 591338 Web: Timeshare Consumers Association - "TCA" Contact: Mr Sandy Grey
  4. Hi All, Just to say - the Timeshare Consumer Association were indeed very helpful, and well worth contacting if you want clarity over what specifically to do next. There will be a fight, no doubt, but none of us need feel we're on our own against this mob. Phoning the TCA reaffirmed this feeling. Good luck in 2010 as this saga pans out.
  5. Thanks for that info - top drawer. This is the first time I've felt positive about this thing for ages. I will get those letters out and join the queue.
  6. Hi, Glad and also sorry to see so many people in this miserable CLC 'boat'. After last outrageous Maintenance bill have decided to not pay it and to cancel our DD to CLC - which GE Money are charging exorbitant interest on. Like many of you, CLC is without doubt my worst ever decision. Can't face another holiday spoiled by a session in the 'Glengarry Suite'. If they just delivered - let alone over-delivered - on the promise, then the existing membership could be the best unpaid sales force on earth. Instead they inflict 'Swiss Tony' on us, and this forum is the result. Grateful
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