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  1. Sorry.... have been away. My particulars relate to a claim for harassment so wont be overly useful to you. In your case it would be for Breach of The Data protection Act 1998 and something along the lines of defamation. You could claim your direct costs... eg: Work out how much more mortgage products are more expensive for you with LLoyds incorrectly entering data on your credit file - monthly payment could be £450 instead of £375 so you could claim £ 900 per year plus interest at 8% or £2.46 per day. Do this for everything - mobile phone contracts, credit card rates etc. T
  2. I started big with my claim but on advice reduced it considerably ( To below the 5k threshold) and then ontop of my losses ( Which in your case you need to work out what their incorrect info has / could have potentially cost you ) I asked for "Damages in the discretion of The Court"........might be a way of leaving the opportunity open to get more than 5k
  3. I was rather daunted by the prospect of checking through and transcribing all my call recordings that I had received from them and made to them and also compiling the files that needed to be disclosed to them and the court before the deadline in December. Although I know I have everything I need to win, the prospect of sorting it all was less than inspiring so I rang the bank and spoke to the employee on the case. I asked him how he was getting on with their defence - drew a blank. I told him it's a shame his previous offer was a joke - he said it was a serious offer. I told him I'm going
  4. Just a quick update: I shall be having a nice® Christmas due to my claim being settled (Without liability and for commercial reasons only) in full. Thanks to CAG and some particular individuals for your encouragement and support. The bottom line is that you should expect a company to be happy to write to you if you ask them to. Why wouldn't they want to unless of course they want to bully you? The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 is beautifully clear about what harassment is. A course of conduct (Two or more calls in my case) which a reasonably minded person with the same informat
  5. Systemerror

    Kwik Fit

    I sympathise with your frustration. I took my car to Kwik fit for an MOT after having it serviced with pre mot checks at my local well respected garage who said it would pass. Kwik fit were doing a special offer for customers insured through them so I thought I might as well use it. They failed my car because the indicator bulbs were not orange enough. Fair enough - So I agreed for them to change the bulbs which came to something like £20. Kwik fit managed to break one front headlight and headlight mount and one rear light cluster in the process and then bodged them back in
  6. Send to head office. I suggest that in addition along with it you send an invoice. Has the default made products potentially more expensive for you ie could you have been refused a lower rate mortgage because of this or even a phone contract that would have inconvenienced you etc etc? I had a similar situation where I charged them £25 per day for their incorrect info - I have a thread regarding this. I was very militant - I took an invoice into branch each week until they rectified it. They paid up a considerable sum of money on resolution, (so I was glad to see the back of the
  7. There have been similar cases with british gas harassing people who they claimed to owe money but infact didn't. Harassment is only what a reasonably minded person in posession of the same facts would deem to be harassment and tinkering with someone's credit file while refusing to address the problem in my mind is harassment. .....and I'm a reasonably minded person.
  8. Have you taken a loan and you dispute the amount owed or have you never taken a loan with this company? If no loan, send following recorded delivery:
  9. British Gas have been done for harassment before. Amongst the communications you send them, tell them that having informed them of their mistake, you now deem their actions to be harassment and any further actions they take to pressure you over this matter will initiate a court claim for damages for distress caused by Harassment contrary to the protection from harassment act 1997. Go get em...
  10. Two things have happened today. 1) I have received Notice of Allocation to the small claims track (Hearing) for early next year. 2) I have received a huge bundle from Lloyds DSAR team. They still have not provided the record of telephone calls that I have asked for. Interestingly, they have provided written transcripts of their own internal telephone calls regarding this matter. There is a call where my bank manager is instructing them to remove my number from their systems, but whoever she is speaking to says she will only do this for 14 days! - despite tyhis, the calls continued
  11. Here is my response to their letter in the earlier post no 38 again redacted and layout messed up just for caggers: Any bits of this and my POC that don't seem to make sense are because of the removal of personal data and dates etc....
  12. Hi Ford, I appreciate all the help and comments from everyone. I will stick everything on here when the time is right - particularly my Particulars of Claim. They contain personal information so I'm sure you understand the occasional PM.
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