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  1. Just found this thread. This is the car park that just sent me the "photo ticket" throught the post demanding £60 to start with
  2. So whats the law on the issue via a cctv camera, do they still need to stick a paper ticket on the car ? Thanks.
  3. Just recieved a penalty ticket for £60 if paid within 7 days then up to £100 from Excel parking today for failure to purchase a ticket. This is correct i did not. I did park in the car park for the alleged 18mins whilst i waited for my wife then drove off. I did not leave the car. No ticket was issued on the car and no one stopped or approached me. I have know recieved a "photgraphic ticket" of my car showing my number plate stating there is a sign showing a "P" and a camera sign. Is this legal with no paper ticket issued?
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