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  1. Not dealt with yet, sorry for the late reply been chasing them on the issues and they pretty much just dont want to talk to me. Barclays appear to be at least trying to help out but Cunning lindsay are just saying no. the really stupid thing is that barclays have stated that as it was a gift the original receipt is not needed, infact I 3 way called barclays and cunningham lindsay so they could speak on the same line. It seems though that cunning lindsay forgot about this conversation 24 hours later.
  2. Oh I also sent in a picture of the original manual for the mac book pro also
  3. Hey all im not quite sure what to post , basically what has happened is there was a theft at my property, 5 items where taken; a. Mac Book Pro b. Asus EEEpc c. multiple usb dongles of varying size d. an external usb hard disk drive e. a speciality external wifi adapter To keep things short b/c/d/e are all fine, replaced or cashed, the issue is with 'a' the mac book pro, it was a gift from my partners grand mother who has sadly passed and there is no receipts for it what so ever. cunning lindsey are refusing to move on it and barclays are a little dubios, I have provided them with pictures of the laptop (in the same room as me even though a little unclear) as well as contact details for statements for people who have seen me with the laptop. If that is not enough what more can I give them, I have no idea what more I actually can give them.. On a side note, there is no way her grandmother purchased this laptop, it was obviously paid for by someone else, but no one seems to know who and short of raising the dead it seems impossible to find out.
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