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  1. Hi Many thanks for your advice. My mother has written back to the credit card company to complain and told them that she paid for the suite but the invoice had to go in my name otherwise SCS was going to deliver it to her house and not mine!! I have accepted the repair to the suite and SCS are going to give a 12 month guarantee on repair, but if the repair does not work then I will have to take the matter further. They have asked me to take photos of damage to carpet and send them in- not sure where i stand on claiming compenation for damage?? Many thanks
  2. Ok but what about the damage to my carpet :idea: surely I can claim compensation from SCS for that ?
  3. HELP!! My mother purchased a suite for me as a gift and paid on her credit card. It was purchased last december and various faults have developed throughout the year, including the fact that when the settee and chair reclines the base of the furniture scrapes my carpet, which is now damaged as a result. SCS the furniture company want to repair the furniture,replacing with the same mechanism/framework which is obviously not strong enough to hold weight of furniture as it is now bent. I have asked for a refund because there is no point replacing the mechanism with the same one as it will ha
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