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  1. Good evening everybody, I have spent a frustratingly lengthy amount of time on this forum looking for help but can't seem to find a similar situation. Although I'm sure this has been asked before so apologies in advance Basically we are struggling to make ends meet and currently pay £1100 a month on our £185,000 mortgage with Northern Rock. We also pay £350 a month to GE money for a £35,000 secured loan. On top of this we have a debt management plan with Payplan totalling approx £11000. This is being paid at £100 a month as this is all we can currently afford I am working and my wife is currently a seconded student receiving a monthly wage. We are considering selling our property and downsizing (renting) to try to pay off debts as soon as possible Our concern is that we are in negative equity and the sale of the house will not cover both the mortgage and the secured loan. As I understand it both GE Money and Northern Rock would have to authorise the sale of the house. Do we need the institution's permission to put the house up for sale or once we hopefully have a buyer? In respect of the secured loan will the remainder be turned into an unsecured loan and what are the normal practices with this? Thanks in advance if anybody can help
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