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  1. Hi. I have a decision from both an adudicator and also the ombudsman. I have also complained to The Independant Assessor, who says they only deal with complaints about the service given and not actual decisions, although I was under the impression that ignoring laws that were on the statued book was not giveing good service, but apparently The FOS do not have to follow the law but they rely on probabilities, again having known about the companies that perpetrated the frauds were well known to to the FOS, they would not have given any precedense to any information or letters they sent as r
  2. Thank you citizen B. have been trying to claim back this money since 2005, so any help would be welcome. Have tried anything I can think of, but as yet find the laws of this country seem to favour those who commit crimes ie Fraud than those who are affected by it.
  3. Recently the Ombudsman gave a desicion in favour of the Royal Bank of Scotland which I have totaly rejected. The is was a claim under section75 of the Consumer Credit act 1994 and also under the Misrepresentation act of 1967 for a credit card refund under these acts due to being conned by a holiday company. These companies were fraudulent and have been closed down and some employees actually jailed. I sent all my correspondence to both parties included a letter from the fraudsters saying I had membership of the holiday club. The Ombudsman took the fraudsters letter as proof my contracted had
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