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  1. I do have that guide already. Its too late for me to accept their offer because I already rejected it saying I will go to court. I can see that I am arguing my case in my example above, while the Particular of Claims talks about giving concise facts. I was thinking that if I didn't give all the detail, I could not use those bits of information in court. But by the sound of things, you can bring evidence into court that isn't stated in the Particular of Claims, is that right?
  2. So if I accept that say £150 should be taken from my deposit, I just state "seeks the return of £150", right? While there has been damage, I am claiming that it was caused by lack of maintenance by the landlord and so therefore I should not be liable for the entire repair. Unless I say I go halves or something? When does the arguments stage come in? Is the Particulars of Claim just brief information? My landlord made 3 pages of bulled claims in earlier letters and has pruned this back over time, but always saying without prejudice. Are you saying I only put in my response to the late
  3. In our conversations, they have already detailed why they are hanging on to my money and offered £500. I thought the Particulars of Claim was for the detail and evidence you have for your case. Am I wrong?? Do I not state in writing why I dispute what my landlord is saying? This is what I did so far:
  4. I am an ex-tenant have been corresponding with my landlord - with several letters flying back and forth - about a non-return of deposit. Each time they send me a new letter, they change what they are claiming for. The last letter they sent says they have decided to waive the cost of xyz. When I complete the Particulars of Claim, do I list and describe the items they are claiming (and which I dispute) only in the final letter? Or do I need to include the stuff in earlier letters? My concern is that I make a claim and then they start talking about the earlier stuff too, if that makes s
  5. I've heard there is a time limit before you can make a claim for non-return of deposit from your landlord. Any idea what that timeframe? 1 year? 5 years? Thanks, Jon
  6. About three years ago MBNA increased my credit card interest rate from about 17% to 30% to35%. This happened over about a 3-4 month period. Are they allowed to do this kind of increase when they have you by the short and curlies? Thanks, Jon
  7. I spoke to some online help agency a few months ago and they said I can claim online and don't have to go to court with my non-return of deposit dispute with my landlord. Is this true? I hate the idea of having to meet them again. Thanks, Jon
  8. So do I go to the post office to pay it and they fine me there? Or what? Or do I have to pay it online, both the tax and the fine?
  9. I've messed up. The other day I noticed that my tax is just over 2 months out of date. I was thinking it was November that I had to pay but must have got out of sync by paying 6 months. Anyway, I am now worried about the consequences of this oversight. What sort of fine am I going to get when I tell them? Jon
  10. I got my haircut at a local place because it said you get 33% off if you go on a Wednesday. After my haircut she charged me the full price (think it was £30). I said the website said its 33% off today. She said thats only if you have your hair coloured. So I paid the £30. When I got home, I checked the website and it said if you have a full haircut you get the discount. Two emails notifying them of this have just been ignored. What to do? Thanks, Jon
  11. I have been renting for the last 7 years and now wish to leave. It was originally a 6 month short-hold tenancy agreement, but after that time it went into the standard rolling agreement, whatever its called! 1. Are there any stock letters I should be using to end this agreement? 2. My tenancy monthly date is on the 28th of the month. If I give a months notice now it means I can leave Jan 28th. But I would rather leave earlier. Can I and not pay until the 28th of Jan? Or do landlords often let you go earlier? 3. Do landlords have the right to let loads of possible tenants see you
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