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  1. you do realise that the BBC will now have to serve their presenters SPAM instead of sirloin steak.
  2. Please mark this thread as won. Received cheque for £61.54. Cleared yesterday. So I will be updating claim status on MCOL site today as 'paid'. Just some background for others in similar situ. If I hadn't received payment, I would have heeded your advice and approached the Financial Ombudsman while having the 'request warrant' option in the backburner (for later use) if ombudsman don't uphold the complaint. The reason I didn't go to the ombudsman to begin with was because i've had a few unfavourable decisions from ombudsman lately (only a handful were favour
  3. The value of final judgment is £61.54. Are you sure that I shouldn't contact Curve by email or letter (they only have a phone number to report a lost/stolen card) and give them 7 days to pay-up before enforcing judgment? Maybe I can attach a copy of the judgment to the email. If I do enforce judgement and Court sends bailiffs to the Curve office, what are the chances of them recovering the money?
  4. I made an MCOL against Curve card (see previous thread). Judgement was issued just over 30 days ago. Curve hasn't responded. So now I want to request warrant. Happen to read on this newspaper website that when we request warrant we need to ensure that the defendant's address is correct and that in the case of a company we should be careful when putting the company's "registered office" address, as there may be nothing there for bailiffs to seize. The address for Curve OS I put on the form is the one on the Companies House website: 15-19 Bloomsbury
  5. Not sure which post you mean. Anyway, re. complexity afterwards - can always hire a lawyer if it becomes that complicated.
  6. An important paragraph from MCOL user guide: If you are claiming interest under the County Court Act you will need to complete some extra fields for step 5, including the daily rate of interest. You need to add this amount of interest to the total claim amount and enter it in the box for ‘amount claimed’ as shown at the bottom of the example. This ensures that any interest due prior to issuing the claim is included in the total amount claimed. This cannot be added to the claim at a later date without making an application for permission from a District Judge which incurs
  7. I cannot put 10/09/2020, because date of issuing the claim has to be at least 2 working days from now?
  8. If I submit claim today what do I put for : Is it 11/09/2020 or 14/09/2020?
  9. ok. thanks. I downloaded. Suppose we don't need to go in to it that much at this stgae because the letter before claim also specified the particulars. So do I not need to start with something like this
  10. sorry, that link just has a post with 'ok, ill do this now ' Can you provide link to 3rd to last post?...can't quite figure out what the third to last post is.
  11. Did see that. my other option is to select the option then send further particulars separately to defendant, and send completed N215 form to Court. Seems like a lot of hassle. Even if judgment takes 6 months, interest would amount to £2.23. Does anyone know if judgment can take that long?
  12. I've already done a lot of reading. Didn't see any posts that handled a question like the one I asked (re. interest). If there is a thread/post handling this, then that means i didn't look hard enough. perhaps you can tell me what I should have searched for in order to get to that post/thread? That way, I know how to conduct my next searches. BTW, to be fair, this is the first question I've asked you about this. Although, i appreciate that asking questions every step of the way may be a recurring problem that the site team have to deal with most users on a day-to-day basis.
  13. The WHich magazine sample letter says 28 days: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/letter/letter-before-small-claims-court-claim I remember seeing 14 days in other places. But went with 28 days as I thought it'll give them some time to look in to it (curve card was experiencing high call volumes - they still are I believe) Just seen that the gov.uk website says 14 days is normal but longer for complex cases. Don't know if my case fits in to the straight forward category or not. On the letter before claim, I did ask Curve for a stat
  14. I sent letter before claim to Curve card on 06 July 2020 using recorded delivery to reclaim erroneous fees. Followed the standard template posted on the Which magazine website. The letter was received by Curve on 08 July 2020. It's now way over the 28 days given (for Curve to respond). When I go through MCOL, can I claim interest from 08 July 2020 up to now, or can it only be 28 days from 08 July 2020?
  15. sounds like a good plan. How so? Is going from 130k to 97k more favourable than 205k to 97k? Perhaps because 130k is lower than 205k? (It means I've borrowed less) I had a subscription to the equifax online credit reports last year back in Oct/Nov. So, have saved copies of the reports from then. Just checked November report. It has the balance correctly. Nowhere does it show the 'Total' (borrowed amount). Wonder if this is something equifax has introduced recently? or maybe 'total' isn't shown on Equifax reports bu
  16. Before anyone tells me. Yes! I am aware that clearscore doesn't have their own credit file, but rely on equifax. a couple of months ago I reported to clearscore that my mortgage account total (with Halifax) was incorrect. It's showing as 130k when actually it should be 205k. (I had made some lump sum payments on along the way to reduce the balance from 205k to around 97k (present balance). As it is now, it's showing the balance as having gone down from 130k to 97k. Clearscore sent this to Equifax. A case was logged. I did see a message saying 't
  17. Of course. However, only for the purposes of keeping the same format ongoing. In all honesty, common sense, decency, reasonableness, fairness were the real victors. So, really, it's a win-win for both sides. Thanks to everyone for their valuable insights and encouragement. p.s. once marked, can we still keep the thread open? I can then update the outcome of the SAR request as and when.
  18. SAR Update: SAR lodged on 08 July 2019. Cleo didn't respond to my SAR within the statutory one calendar month, so I complained to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) on 14 August 2019. The next day (15 August 2019) Cleo responds to my SAR message, with one of the strangest emails I've ever seen: How on earth can a SAR be confused with the complaint with the FOS?..Has Cleo ever seen a SAR before? I've sent many a SAR before and used the same template. It clearly mentioned the personal data I was requesting. i.e. all person
  19. update: I emailed the FOS staff member (who said Cleo isn’t a regulated company) to complain (make service complaint). The email was returned undeliverable. Tried again, same result. Forwarded my service complaint to the FOS generic email address. Didn't receive any acknowledgement within 14 days (which is FOS policy for acknowledging service complaints). So, contacted my MP (Member of Parliament). After he wrote to FOS, they agreed to look at my complaint again. A senior adjudicator (SA) contacted me and said Cleo hadn't actually been regulated at the time I complaine
  20. Okay. Subject Access Request (SAR) lodged with cleo. Will keep you posted on what happens. Btw word of warning about the financial ombudsman service (FOS). Simply put. It's a circus. Most of the people working there have no clue what they are doing (apart from the one or two exceptions). I've made about 20 complaints over the past 10 years or so. Only one was handled properly. That was the first ever complaint I made (back in 2010/11). Every single complaint since then has included a service complaint (sometimes one complaint would have several service complaints durin
  21. I've left google review. couldn't help noticing that my usual contact (I use 'usual' in the loosest possible way here as I've not heard from him for months) has also a left a review with the following: Presumably he's left the review as a customer?, The review is a year old. I definitely had a few email exchanges with him in June 2018, so he was working for Cleo back then for sure.
  22. I just checked the FCA register: https://register.fca.org.uk/ Cleo AI Ltd is definitely on there. When I check 'Trading/Brand name' it shows the 'effective from' date as 09/04/2018. I complained to the ombudsman on 28/10/2018. This is the reply I received:. Why would the ombudsman tell me Cleo AI Ltd is not covered?
  23. I already complained to the Ombudsman. Cleo isn't covered. i.e. Financial Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction.
  24. Hi everyone, I've had a few issues with Cleo (meetCleo). The latest has been the last straw. It started when I attempted to withdraw money from the Cleo Wallet. A message came-up on screen saying: I contacted support and was duly told that it was because I had reached the maximum withdrawal limit and that I had to upload ID. I immediately uploaded ID. However, few hours later received an email saying the verification has been unsuccessful. Tried the upload again, only to receive the same 'ID verification unsuccessful' emai
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