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  1. Thanks dx you have helped to set my mind at rest. Should the fos result go my way I will make sure I push for any interest due to me. I was expecting to pay any arrears from the amount awarded. Can I expect to receive any amount above this sum as a payment, eg; cheque, direct to me rather than have it paid into my cc account? I would want to reduce my credit card bill as much as possible, but there may be other payments that are even more urgent than that and it would be useful to have the money in my bank account at least to start with. Thanks again for your advice and time.
  2. I have a case currently with the FOS which has recently been passed to an adjudicator. I am claiming my PPI payments back from my 11yr old RBS credit card (Mint - formerly RBS Advanta). Recently due to difficult financial circumstances - mainly my own fault I'm sure- I have missed a couple of payments on the same credit card which I am also over my limit on. I have just sent a larger than usual payment to try to reduce my arrears but I am worried that the money I owe on this card will be passed to their in-house debt collection agents who have a bad reputation. If this should be the case, how
  3. Only what I was asked to provide in terms of correspondence between me and RBS regarding my claim including their final decision as well as the date that the credit card was taken out and when I cancelled the PPI. If I have to ask RBS for paperwork or information relevant to my case, is there anything else other than the cost of the cover that I should get from them at the same time? Isn't it unlikely that I will get everything covering the entire period that I have had the card - since 1999? Thanks for you help.
  4. I am currently pursuing a claim for refund of PPI on my MINT card through the FOS. After 7 months waiting for my claim to be passed to an adjudicator I have just received a letter from a case work support administrator at the FOS asking me for information - a copy of any documentation - on the cost of the ppi cover. I do not have this information or any paperwork relating to this and wonder how this is likely to affect pursuance of my case. Can't the FOS request this information direct from RBS? Shouldn't they be obliged to provide it? Any advice on this would be very welcome.
  5. Thanks Tink for the information about your own experience with the FOS on this. It is encouraging to hear that they have rejected RBS on the jurisdiction issue as this should be the case with my own complaint which also dates back to 1999. I have no intention of giving in on this easily as I feel I already missed the boat once before when I accepted an offer from Capital One a few months ago for a goodwill payment (I was desperate for the money at the time) and so I determined to push this one to the end. Hope you hear good news about your outstanding case with RBS soon.
  6. Will do Gamba. I e-mailed the FOS for further information and they sent me a reply that I paraphrased in another thread a short while ago to the effect that RBS had raised a question of jurisdiction and that this would be looked into by the FOS. They then sent me a letter saying again that they had a lot of cases to look into so could not pass on my case to an adjudicator at this time but would contact me again certainly within the next 2 months. This was nearly a month ago so am still waiting. Good luck with your cases.
  7. Thanks Tink. I will keep waiting and hoping for a more constructive response from the FOS in the not too distant future. Just glad to know that I am not alone.
  8. I have lodged a complaint with the FOS regarding the ppi on my Mint card and recently e-mailed them for an update. This was the response I got RBS have raised a jurisdiction issue against the complaint. We are currently waiting for this to be assessed to see if we feel that the case is within our jurisdiction. Unfortunately i'm unable to provide any timescales due to the high volumes of complaints we currently hold. As soon as we have confirmed jurisdiction we will be in contact with you. Can anyone explain what this means?
  9. Hi This is probably a long shot but I wondered if there is any way that I can check whether I paid ppi on a credit card with Goldfish and a loan with Birmingham Midshires despite the fact that I have no details about the account numbers or dates. Until recently I was getting statements from the Goldfish account (by then - Barclays) despite having closed the account some years ago. The Birmingham Midshires loan was settled about three years ago. Unfortunately I got rid of the paperwork some time ago for both of these so have no information about whether I paid ppi or how much it might have be
  10. Thanks alanalana, I will give it another month or so before calling the FOS. I am determined to go through with this one to the end. In the case of Capital One, my first cc ppi reclaim I settled for the amount they offered me as a good will gesture because I desperately needed the money at the time and I have regretted it ever since as I think I would have won through the FOS. I decided not to do that in this case and to press for RBS to pay the whole amount they owe me plus interest. However it would be nice to think that this will not take too long to resolve as the money would be more than
  11. Hi I am new to this site and I wonder if anyone has had any success in reclaiming credit card ppi from RBS Mint. I have had my card since 1999 when it was a RBS Advanta card. I stopped the ppi a few months ago when I realised that I had been paying it since I took out the card and had no idea why. As a teacher, I am pretty well covered for illness and redundancy, etc and the insurance would have been virtually useless to me. Of course RBS rejected my complaint with the usual guff about it being too long ago etc so I sent a letter to the FOS together with the last two letters from RBS. They
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