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  1. Yeah, that's definitely one of their tricks. It's like these private parking management firms who send letters with yellow and black diagonal stripes on the letter head to look like official council/police notices to so called "offenders".
  2. Yes, I see. I suppose despite not having enforeable CCA's, DCA's also get lucky whilst persuing debtors through shear persistance too, therefore not encountering the issue of none existant or un-enforeceable CCA's. Thanks UncleB:-D
  3. Nee bother, Wafty. Unclebulgaria, wouldn't you have thought that the DCA's would insist on copies of CCA's before committing to buy? Surely word would get around that MBNA have a bad reputation for not keeping hols of such documents, especially with older agreements. Anyway, hopefully it's good news for Wafty and myself.
  4. Ahoy Wafty! Yeah, I agree with you and in a similar situation. The best thing to happen to your debt is for it to go to a DCA. In agreement with what you say, if the debt is quite substancial (as is mine) then you would think if there was any chance they would win in court then the original creditor would have done so, instead of selling the debt at what is usually peanuts. I'm just having phone calls at the moment, only one letter from the DCA (Allied Credit in my case) I just don't answer any that are not registered on my phones. When I made the mistake of answering my mobile to them, I said "never heard of him", two mins later, a call to my landline. No calls since.8) Have a loooook at this! re: BCW
  5. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria. Yes, it did mention on the card "on behalf of MBNA" etc. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of answering my mobile to an unregistered mobile number. It was Debt Clear Recoveries! The lady asked why I stopped making payments. I told her because of no valid CCA. She said "What relevence has that got to your obligation to pay the debt off?" I told her that MBNA was the only creditor of mine not to accept the pro-rata repayment offer from CCCS. She said "I can assure you MBNA would always accept an offer from CCCS. I told her "No!, MNBA took the reduced monthly payment and piled on late payment fees and interest" She asked why I was no longer dealing with CCCS so I told her "Because of MBNA, they bullied me into paying more than CCCS had set as pro-rata just to stop interest and late payment fees" (they would not accept CCCS's monthly payment date, so I incurred charges). It seems MBNA use the tricks of the trade to take advantage of people. Well, now it's my turn!!!
  6. I have posted elsewhere about my MBNA debt and the fact that I thought it had been sold to a DCA (Debt Clear Recoveries) and found out with info from other caggers that the debt had just moved to MBNA's own collection team. Have now been sent a card from Allied Credit International entitled "warning" askimg me to phone a Mr Dickey - lol. Does this mean its now been sold on to a proper DCA? I reckon that means MBNA are not prepared to take me to court??? Surely if they had a chance of winning then they would have done just that, especially for in excess of £5k
  7. Have now been sent a card from Allied Credit International entitled "warning" askimg me to phone a Mr Dickey - lol. Does this mean its now been sold on to a proper dca? I reckon that means mbna are not prepared to take me to court???
  8. Cartaphilus.... it was very good of you to take the trouble to provide me with the relevent info and I thank you. It just that I feel I should have dealt with the harrassment around the time it took place. The phone calls were to a vehicle mobile and not recorded in control. I mentioned it to one of the controllers who phoned MBNA for me to tell them to stop. alfwithhair... I think I made my last payment in december 2009 or January 2010
  9. Yes I can do all that but the phone calls were about 3 years ago (the mobiles are now thrown away) I was stupid to phone them from one of work's mobiles and that's how they got the number. They wouldn't even stop after my control contacted them to warnt them! I never made note of the times of call etc. They no longer phone me as I never answered any number not listed on my mobile and have turned off the voicemail. Anyway... where would it get me? I wouldn't gain anything apart from it taking up my precious time to type letters.. I'm just going to sit tight for a while.
  10. Ah right, no point in sending them a letter to say they shouldn't have been sold the debt then! Not received a default notice. MBNA have pestered me over the years even when I offered a repayment plan. Funny postcards and phone calls to my work place mobile, which is not funny considering it's an ambulance service! Do I need to take any action at all?
  11. Hi fellow caggers. I have posted elsewhere about my war against MBNA but now, my credit card debt has been sold on to a debt collection agancy called Debt Clear Recoveries & Investigations Ltd, with a PO box in Manchester. It took MBNA more than 6 months to send me a poor excuse of a CCA. I had declared the account to be in dispute back in January 2010. They have ignored my letter regarding this. I was sent the poor excuse for a valid CCA only a few weeks ago. They seem a bit quick selling the debt on!!! Would this be a tell tale sign that they know they don't have a leg to stand on should they take it to court? It is today that I receive a letter from DCR&I ltd informing me of the debt being sold on to them. They say court action may be issued if I don't pay £5,000 before 15th July. I take it this is BS ?? Should I tell them the account is in dispute and should not have been sold to them or not bother?
  12. Exactly! It's a shame some people take them up on the offer, especially when they say "partial settlement" or "short settlement". They have been known to sell the remaining debt on.
  13. Why worry? You are just testing them and no more harm done if you are proved wrong. If they can't prove it's not statute barred then great! I'd hit them with both CCA request and statute barred. PS. your last payment may not show on the statement they send.
  14. No, they have told me I have defaulted but I don;t think it was an official default notice.
  15. Thanks Pumpytums. Yes it does help. I stopped paying in Dec/Jan. They have not called my mobile for months and I no longer have a land line. I tried logging online but I couldn't do that with my account number. Mine was in 2003. I have checked the form I got from the MBNA library and used in post #2 and it is definatley that one. I chose not to pay them. I have other creditors who I am paying and MBNA is the only one I don't want to pay, purely because of the way they have harrassed me in the past with their constant texts and phone calls... oh and not to forget the weird postcards. Thanks Pumytums
  16. Hi Pumpytums. Yes, on the copies they sent me there is no link at all from one to another. Should they be on separate pages? Would MBNA have put my agreement on microfilm/fiche? Also there is no creditor signature. Shall I just ignore them or best send a letter?
  17. Oh.... It's just like this one 2006 MBNA :: MBNA 2006 picture by citizenba - Photobucket
  18. Hi. Well I posted on here in December 2009 when I requested a valid CCA from MBNA. I have today received a response. My question is.. Is what they sent me acceptable? They sent a letter that reads: Thank you for your recent request under Section 78 oof The Consumer Credit Act 1978. In response to your request we enclose: a. A copy of your executed agreement b. Your up to date terms and conditions c. A copy of your most recent statement (which shows the state of your account) which has been signed. For more information about these documents, please see the "frequently asked questions" enclosed. Yours sincerely MBNA EBL The document that has my signature on is not worth scanning and posting here as it is barely legible. In fact I am struggling to read it, it's that small and some print missing. However they have also sent me a copy of the same/similar form without my signature on which is very easy to read. Let me describe the form to you: The copy they sent takes up only the top 1/3 of the A4 page. The title at the top says "SIGNATUR FORM -SIGN AND RETURN TODAY" On the left is my Name and address at the time I took out the card. A bar code underneath this. Underneath this is a credit reference number and a credit limit of £5000. Undermeath this is a box advising payment protection cover. In the middle is "Important Data Protection" waffle. On the right is a signature box data protection for aditional cardholder(s) Under this is a customer signature box. This has my signature and date (2003)on it. The rest of the box is illegible. On the clearer copy (without my sig) I can see that it says "This is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credict act" Sign only if you want to be legally bound by the terms. On the reverse of this page is again 1/3 of the top of the page with Consumer credit act 1974, MBNA's terms and conditions relating to different APR's, charges and handling fees. If necessary I can scan and upload but the form with my signature on is so poorly copied I can hardly read it. Thanks in advance Ben
  19. Hmmm, sounds a long shot, it's not guaranteed they'd get fined and surely they could come up with another reason for stopping my payment arrangement. They'd never own up to retaliation.
  20. Hi I have payment plans with 3 credit cards where interest has been frozen and my monthly payment is at a reduced amount as I have experianced difficulties in making full payments. My question is: As the credit card companies have agreed to these payment offers as a gesture of good will, could it jeopardize these arrangements if I were to claim charges back? I hear they sometimes close accounts so maybe they could stop the payment plan. Any ideas and advice please?
  21. benboy

    Mbna Cca

    Received a "Default Notice" from MBNA today. They have still not complied to my CCA request!
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